A Brief Overview Of Emerica’s Made Chapter 2


Whatever you’re doing that you think is so damn important shall immediately cease – Emerica’s Made Chapter 2 is available as of today, and it’s a better use of your time. Made Chapter 2 is more solid than you could possibly have anticipated, in every way. Leave your pre-conceived bullshit at the door.

Jon Miner is a hero. A protagonist. He understands you and your needs. He improves your life in areas you didn’t know needed it. His assembling of footage and music into cohesive masterpieces is Da Vincian in both foresight and skill. His track record is as flawless as his hair is curly and his vision as clear as your browser history when in question.

Should your skepticism still remain steeped in tasteless peril, read on. Warning: details and pseudo-spoilers ahead.

Jon Dickson is a hurricane in cuffed blue jeans who immediately kills the video with 5 minutes of enders. That kickflip you saw on Leo’s Insta? It’s there, and it’s near-obscene. You won’t see another part like that for a long while.

Bryan Herman keeps his usual mellow while nollie inward heelflipping into and over things. Nosepicks, switch front heels, picnic tables, hydrants – you know how he does and you love it. Herman’s unexpected ledge prowess shines notably.

Reynolds. As if that wasn’t enough already. Why are you even reading this?

Rob Maatman and Eniz Fazliov share a part, full of casual shredding. Maatman has a Figgy quality about him with hard tricks on big rails. Not since Nick Trapasso’s Suffer The Joy part has someone done such difficult tricks as sleepily as Eniz – something of a Nate Jones for today.

The Made 1 crew – Jeremy Leabres, Leo Romero, and Brandon Westgate share a part. Jeremy can’t stop smiling, Westgate charges, and Romero’s 5-0 ender is deadly.

Collin Provost has another full part (that’s 3 for Emerica in 6 years) and will have you wondering if certain tricks were computer generated, particularly his ender. His love for tiny, tight “transition” can be found on full display, as well as the overly large version and every other thing you wish you could skate.

Spanky returns to the professional ranks in his best form since This Is Skateboarding, possibly ever. The LA High banks have been getting wrecked this year, and Spanky makes sure the bar stays raised.

Jerry Hsu, as you always knew he could – full part, with tricks you didn’t know could be done regular, let alone switch. Plenty of manuals, and tricks that are difficult enough on ledges done on handrails. The MLK banks see yet another NBD that would pitch anyone else to the ground with prejudice.

Figgy ends the video, loosened up in both style and attire. Despite repeated attempts to put himself in a coma, he ended up with a fat stack of clips instead. It’s somewhat fitting that one of the attempts at his board-breaking ender was on what appeared to be a Zero board.

Music supervision was perfect, as per Emerica’s usual – Earthless, Mogwai, Psicomagia and, of course, Explosions In The Sky.

The editing and art direction are classically Emerica, moving quickly and staying green. No boring shit here. Another legendary video in the bag, where all desires are not only met but exceeded.


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