Not Quite A Wear Test – #TFreport on The HUF Cromer With Canal New York


The utility of the rubber toe has made it the go-to option for those looking for immense durability. That claim is no truer than with a shoe like the Cromer from HUF. This stylish signature model is as versatile as a vulcanized shoe can get, due to its ability to take a beating and still deliver ideal performance. Not to mention that it’s one of the few rubber toe models that complements a dapper look.

Albeit, does that durability and style translate when the shoe is put up against the elements of a day in NYC? To answer this question, we called on none other than Canal New York to figure this out. The likes of Marcello CampanelloMateo de JesusJohnny Ngan, and Caleb Yuan laced up pairs of the Cromer and skated Tompkins to find out, but didn’t allow the highly addicting landscape of smooth ground contain them.

With additional “testing” done at Columbus Park, the streets of Little Italy, and staple Vietnamese restaurant Nam Són, the overall consensus was clear: the Cromers can hang. They can even give you the ability to dunk, if you’re looking for that crossover market value.

Filmed by Esteban Jefferson and Johnny Ngan
Song: Wifi Boomin

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