Jon Dickson Is On Emerica

Leo welcomes Jon. Photo: Thrasher Mag

Leo welcomes Jon. Photo: Thrasher Mag

In a move not at all surprising but nonetheless full of hype from our end and kudos all around, Emerica kept with their familial tendencies and announced the addition of blue-jeaned wrecking ball Jon Dickson to the squad via Made Chapter 2. We hoped the Fallen soldier would end up somewhere solid.

Looking back at Made Chapter 1‘s announcement of Jeremy Leabres‘ ripping inclusion, and considering the high profile and much-debated announcements in Away Days, could 3 of the most high-profile videos of late be pointing to a trend? Traditionally, this type of news has come in varying forms, from magazine ads and Trash-esque news sections to 411 commercials. They’ve even come in the form of viral-ish commercials (remember Koston on/off Lakai?). Regardless of its form, the addition of an “introducing” video part is always welcome and encouraged.

But anymore, is this the direction team announcements could be heading? Considering the lessening frequency of the full length company production, it’s anyone’s guess, but it’s fair to say the expectation is there now for whatever the next video may be.

Congrats again to Jon on joining debatably the rippingest and tightest-knit crew in skateboarding. We can’t wait to see the video.

Jon Dickson via Leo Romero's Instagram @_travesura

Jon Dickson in Made Chapter 2,  via @_travesura


  1. Mike C

    September 11, 2016 2:25pm

    I love suprises like this! Can’t wait to see this video, and I’m totally down for announcements in big projects like this


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