A Comparative Analysis Of The Lucas Premiere ADV


According to a study published in the Review of General Psychology Journal, the mental anguish experienced during a romantic split activates the same part of the brain that is stimulated during drug addiction. This may partially explain why I’m seemingly addicted to all things Puig.

It’s no secret that many hearts were pulverized when Adidas pulled the original Lucas Pro from skate shop shelves. It also comes as no surprise to learn that we were quick to fall head over heels for the Lucas ADV. As the saying goes, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. However, like most rebounds, the slightly bulky Lucas ADV eventually lost its luster.

As a result, I was admittedly cautious about exposing my heart to the Lucas Premiere ADV in fear of being hurt again. So, I decided to take on a more analytical approach for those who were also hurt in the process of Puig’s evolutionary skate shoes design. More importantly, I think I might’ve cracked how the Lucas Premiere ADV compares to its Puig-predecessors and other Adidas models.


At first glance, the Lucas Premier ADV appears to be a complete departure from both the Lucas Pro and the Lucas ADV. Notably absent from the Lucas Premier ADV are the bulbous toe area of the Pro and ADV and the use of Adidas’ Sprint Skin.

However, upon further inspection, the Lucas Premiere ADV shares the best features of the prior models in that it is an incredibly light and flexible cupsole complimented by a less-is-more approach to what is normally the heavily reinforced sidewall. Instead of using Sprint Skin, Adidas uses a perforated-suede to create the almost non-existent sidewalls, which provides a level of ventilation not seen since the Project BA.

While many heel flippers will be have justifiable reservations about this feature, they can rest assured the material is nothing like the more mesh-like material used on certain makes of the Busenitz Pro and the short-lived Silas SLR. To prevent bagging-out of these thin and flexible sidewalls, the sole of Lucas Premiere is extended an inch or so above the actual cup-portion of the shoe, much like how the sole of the Lucas ADV was a little higher than the Lucas Pro.

A comparison of all of Lucas' insoles from Adidas.

A comparison of all of Lucas’ insoles from Adidas.

Somehow, Adidas even managed to make the cupsole of the Lucas Premiere even thinner and more flexible than the Lucas Pro. When comparing the insoles of the Lucas Premiere to the Pro and the ADV, it’s clear Lucas wasn’t kidding when he recently admitted he enjoys skating without insoles. The insole of the Premiere is practically non-existent when compared to the cushy insoles of the Pro and ADV, but before your feet curl up like the Wicked Witch of the East, know that the supportive cupsole, and whatever fancy internal stuff is going on in there makes up for the lack of insertable cushioning.

Looking deeper in the Adidas back-catalog, the toe of the Lucas Premiere resembles the shape of the often ill-fitting Busenitz ADV; it even boasts a similar recessed lace system. But rest assured, the fit of the Lucas Premiere is more comparable to the form fitting Adi-Ease Premiere. In fact, the construction of the Lucas Premiere is an almost perfect conglomeration of a sturdy cupsole like the Busenitz ADV and the vulcanized and sock-like Adi Ease. We suggest buying your pair true to size or even a half size down if you enjoy a more exact fit to your shoes.

Some shared DNA between the Lucas Premiere ADV & one of Adidas' more beloved team models, the AdiEase.

Some shared DNA between the Lucas Premiere ADV & one of Adidas’ more beloved team models, the Adi Ease.

Like all great romances, our love affair with the various Lucas pro models has been great at times and tumultuous at others. With the release of the Lucas Premiere ADV, we have hopefully entered a more stable and mature stage of our relationship – a stage where we can sit back and enjoy various seasons’ colorways, and maybe even experiment with different materials to keep things fresh. Regardless of your own past experience with any of Adidas’ skate line, we highly recommend putting yourself out there and trying out what may just be the best Lucas shoe yet.

Thanks to The Full Kit for providing the backdrop.


  1. Gurrio

    September 13, 2016 7:14pm

    I miss the first lucas, probably one of the best shoes I’ve ever skated.

  2. Kenny

    September 15, 2016 12:46am

    Hey Peter! Great article as always and I also love all things Puig lol. Is the Lucas Pro in the pic made out of Sprint Skin or Leather?

    • Peter

      September 15, 2016 2:34pm


      Thanks! Glad you were into it.

      The Lucas Pro pictured is the Stan Smith colorway and it has leather over the sprint skin instead of the usual suede. It’s my favorite colorway that Adidas put out of the shoe. I like how Adidas used suede for the toe…breaks it up a bit rather than have a white leather brick on your feet.


  3. tomisrad

    September 16, 2016 11:37pm

    Lucas Pros also had the thin ortholite insole, I liked that best. Seriously, best shoe I have ever skated. Still have a brand new pair in the box!!!

    • Andrew Louder

      November 11, 2016 5:11pm

      Yeah, the first runs of the OG Lucas Pro (white/bluebird and blk/wht) have minimal ortholite insoles. The rubbery ones in this picture came out in the later colorways.

  4. Chris G

    February 16, 2017 5:04pm

    This is the best article I have ever read. I never rebounded with the ADV. I have met true love in the Lucas line with the Premiere. The Pro is a great shoe (even sock-less). I just didn’t enjoy the plastic-y feel of the sprint skin when lacing them. Just waiting until the add boost to it like the Durado!


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