Primitive’s Latest Collection Might Be Their Most Impressive Yet

Primitive's future offerings. Dates pending.

Primitive’s future offerings. Dates pending.

Ranging in style, Primitive seems to be moving on from their chrome dipped bald eagle aesthetic that they had early on and are moving towards a more lighthearted approach. Branching both worlds of “hey, it would be fun to do this graphic” to “Okay, let’s do a legit collab” is no easy task but Primitive’s success across the board (no pun intended) is quite noteworthy.

During our walkthrough at Agenda LBC, we had to stop and glance at what this growing hardgoods brand was accomplishing. In a short time, it looks as though Primitive has gone from having consumer’s look at them with a reluctant eye to having all eyes on them in utter anticipation of their latest drop.

Close-up of Carlos Rib upcoming deck.

Close-up of Shane’s & Carlos Ribeiro’s upcoming decks.

One of many major standout’s is the Carlos Ribeiro ‘playing with death’ board. A child plays with a butterfly with the grim reaper hanging just behind his shoulder. A simple tongue-firmly-in-cheek image that pays homage to Sean Cliver’s artwork in both style and content.

But not all the graphics are all about big ideas. Some just pick a simple joke and go with it. The Shane O’Neill robot deck plays on a familiar criticism and the Devine Calloway ‘All That’ board is recognizable to any of us #90skids.


Also, it seems like the art department found an appropriate use for the metallic dip in a subtle nod to CapriSun. While we’re sure this won’t be the last of Primitive’s comedic side, we’re ever-curious to see how their future collaborations and other series will continue to evolve. They’re boards are currently standing out on boardwalls everywhere, but in a world of hardgoods, where the next trend is suddenly around the corner, it’s going to be exciting to see how they’ll pivot.

No release dates have been revealed yet, but check back for more info or chat with your local skate shop clerk.


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