Not Quite A Wear Test – The Adidas Lucas Premiere ADV At #BlackBlocks


The Lucas Premiere ADV meets Black Blocks | Photo: David Morico

Sticking with the plaza theme established by our last #NotQuiteAWeartest, we had our connections assemble the finest skateboarders in the Atlanta area (with sample size feet, of course) and meet up at Black Blocks, the best city block in the entire Southeast, to push around the city with the intention of testing the Lucas Premiere ADV.

A typical warm-up turned into an above-average session, despite the August heat, as everyone fed off one another’s energy, learning new tricks and pushing each other until the sun got the best of the crew.

Adidas may have created a perfect summer skate shoe: thin and breathable enough to not overheat, yet durable and grippy enough to keep skating for weeks on end.

Check out some highlights from the session featuring David Clark, Andrew Edge, Jordan Smith, and Andrew Murrell. Filmed by David Morico.

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  1. Anderson

    August 22, 2016 12:55am

    It looks definitely inspired by the Adidas Busenitz with that soccer look and all. It even has that short toe.


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