July’s “Summer Shoe Onslaught” – Which Will You Choose?

The sentiments that most consumers will share during this month's shoe shopping.

The sentiments that most consumers will share during this month’s shoe shopping.

Whether intentional or not, every year during the summer shoe brands debut their best product available for the masses. This year is no different.

The trends of the skate shoe world continue to revolve, and there’s certainly no certainty in knowing exactly what a consumer is looking for, but that’s what makes the month of July incredibly significant. The offerings are broad and unique altogether, making it even more interesting to see which brand’s product ends up on top. For the product that outsells the competition, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to assume that its popularity will seep into the holiday season and reign supreme for another couple of months, or even years. To say the least, this period of buying could very well dictate the trends to come in the following seasons.

The brands involved in what we dub as July’s Summer Shoe Onslaught are all fighting for the No. 1 spot, but who will get it? Here are some of the choices that you’ll have to choose from this summer.



Lucas Premiere ADV – $75

Up first is the Lucas Premiere ADV, Lucas Puig’s third Adidas model, originally slated for release on July 1st. Designed by the most fashion-conscious skateboarder in this article, it’s safe to say that the Lucas Premiere ADV is the most fashionable model to come out this summer. Reveling in its own simplicity, the Lucas ADV is an all-suede, low-profile shoe designed with the low-impact skateboarder in mind. The toe is comprised of heavy-duty suede and AdiTuff reinforcement, while the sidewalls and heel are comprised of a perforated, breathable suede. Inside the shoe, you’ll find a built-in sockliner for increased comfort during those hot summer sessions. This upper sits atop a narrow footbed, complete with a cupsole and a deep herringbone tread. Judging by Puig’s previous models, it’s safe to assume that the Lucas Premiere ADV will have the most boardfeel of any shoe on this list, and we’re looking forward to seeing plenty of Euro ledge lines filmed in this shoe for seasons to come.

Pros: A progressive and unique cupsole that doesn’t look bulky at all. Fairly low price, considering its peers. Need we say more?
Cons: A striking and almost suspicious aesthetic similarity to the Adi-Ease.



Vans Kyle Walker Pro – $75

Stair jumpers, rejoice! Kyle Walker may have designed the perfect shoe for your hucking needs. The Walker, released to the public on July 9th, is reminiscent of the Reynolds 3 (another high-impact classic), but designed with on-the-board comfort and class in mind. Walker substituted Vans’ traditional vulcanized sole with the Waffle Cupsole in order to provide support and stability without sacrificing boardfeel and grip. What’s more, the Walker features a wider footbed than your average Vans model, as well as a thick tongue and elastic tongue straps to keep said tongue in place. Lurking below the one-piece toecap and deco stitching is a thin layer of DuraCap to up your kickflip counter.  The final result of all this is a high-tech shoe designed to keep your feet, knees, and back intact, wrapped up with the classic Vans silhouette.

Pros: Has the most padding and protection we’ve seen in a modernized skate shoe in a long time.
Cons: Could the protective padding be overwhelming after years of skating without it? Hmmm…

Lakai Flaco - $68

Lakai Flaco – $68

Finally, fellow rookie shoe recipient Stevie Perez comes out swinging on July 23th with the Flaco, a mild-mannered Lakai model with plenty of hidden frills. As we mentioned in one of our many Agenda Sneak Peeks, the Flaco is a narrow vulcanized shoe with a herringbone tread pattern. Tucked away in the sole is a primo pad for additional arch support, and hidden underneath the suede or canvas sidewalls (Lakai sees you vegan folks) is a rubber ollie pad for enhanced durability. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on The Flaco’s board feel quite yet, as the shoe features a new pattern for Lakai vulcanized models, but if they’re anything like the Lakais we’ve recently skated, you can expect a happy middle ground between super-thin vulcanized sole and bulky cupsole. No word on if the Flaco will give you super-speed while running from the cops, but we feel that Perez and fellow GX1000er Yonnie Cruz wouldn’t steer us amiss.

Pros: Hidden tech that won’t scare away the youngest skate rat.
Cons: A narrow fit might hurt its chances of fitting those with bigger feet.

Lastly, some honorable mentions include Lakai’s tech offering with the Fremont, Nike’s latest rendition of the Janoski with the Hyperfeel, and NB#’s 868 cupsole.

There’s no belittling it – consumers have their hands full with offerings, but which shoe will outsell the rest?


  1. Expecttheworst

    July 14, 2016 2:14pm

    No love for the new company State Footwear? They dropped their first wave of product this summer and no one seems to be talking about them. The Hudson is a great shoe and exceeded expectations of a new company.

    That being said, I am curious to skate the Kyle Walker, my hope is that they have a early 2000’s Vans feel. The Freemont looks all around sick too.

  2. tomisrad

    July 17, 2016 4:11pm

    The Kyle Waker’s were really really tight when I tried them on, I almost felt I could get them a half size up. I don’t think they are the most padded out there right now, but one of the most. What is the most padded shoe? What is the thinnest shoe? hmmmm Anyhow the Kyle Walker’s look like dork boy shoes from the 90’s and early 2000’s. The Flacos are bland, and the Lucas looks good in concept but is a really ugly adi-ease. The OG Lucas was the best!

  3. Dylan Skalicky

    July 22, 2016 10:13pm

    Have been skating the k walks for about a week straight and can honestly say one of my favourite shoes are in a long while, skated everything from and era pro to an etnies marana and the av rapidwelds and the k walks exceeded my expectations


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