Finding The Perfect Flick with Stevie Perez’ Debut Pro Model, The Flaco


Earlier this month, we dubbed July as the “Summer Shoe Onslaught” time of the year. During this period, all skate shoe brands are debuting their best offerings in hopes of holding top rank throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Finding themselves among the crowd is Lakai with their tech Fremont offering, but more importantly, their newest pro model The Flaco. Stevie Perez’ inaugural pro model is a huge addition to the subtle branding trend that’s gaining traction with each passing season but more importantly, the Flaco looks to be great contender because of its well thought-out build and sharp toe.

The narrow shape of the shoe may take some breaking in, but will undeniably provide an incredible flick as a result. If those perks weren’t enticing enough, its sidewalls are reinforced with a layer of rubber underneath to guarantee a longer lasting shoe. To top things off, you can find the Flaco’s on your feet for the more than reasonable $68 price tag in staple colorways.

Find Stevie’s pro model on or at your local skate shop now.


  1. Jeremy

    September 14, 2017 7:17pm

    Just got a pair..i liked that they are on the wider side.i didnt like that the back of the shoe was so heal slips out..the laces were super cheap also


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