Converse’ Subtle And Functional Deckstar 67 Slip-On Is On The Come Up

Stolen from AH IG.

Stolen from AH IG.

When you think of developing shoes in skateboarding, it’s always supposed to be better, more technical, etc. More bells and whistles are necessary in order to validate the model’s existence and higher prices, right? While that’s certainly true in some cases, that doesn’t mean it’s the golden rule.

If you’ve been paying close attention to a select few social media accounts, you’ll notice that a certain slip-on has been resonating with skateboarders. Now, from a technical point of view, a slip-on really shouldn’t garner any attention due to its simplicity, but Converse’ Deckstar 67 Slip is capturing attention due to its subtle improvements.

Probably the most notable aspect of this model is its higher sidewalls. Thicker and higher foxing tape ensure a stable and sturdy fit, not to mention an improved structure that will prevent a slip-on from getting soggy after hours of skating. If you feel like you’ve recognize it, the shoe can be found all over Aaron Herrington’s IG and other NY figures. Aside from that, notice how the rubber can been seen over portions of the toe to help prevent abrasions against the traditional canvas upper.


More information is pending on this model. Whether it’ll be found in skate shops or if it’ll be improved with the Lunarlon treatment is unknown, but this might be another case where a pro skates a shoe so much that their sponsor has no choice but to bring it into the line = Example A.

We’ll keep you posted as this model continues to develop.


  1. Milk milk lemonade

    July 21, 2016 3:03am

    Does there even need to be a Converse skate line? It’s all the same technology as Nike. Doesn’t matter, skateboarding seems to be thrust in a vacuous, culture-less void. I know contests have been around for forever, but Street League is at the highest level of f*ckery, can’t f w/ it. I’d way rather watch a skate video film festival. Seems like those SLS skaters are trying to be bloated, overpaid athlete celebs and while I agree riders should be paid enough to live, no one deserves millions upon millions of dollars just for playing with a ball, bat or skateboard. Back to the shoes, not into slip ons as skate shoes, the elastics always stretch. Breaking laces sucks, but being able to tighten or loosen my shoes to my own liking is essential for me.


    July 21, 2016 7:21pm

    Ahh secret’s out. Once Converse figures to put the lunarlon soles in these its a wrap!

  3. Denliner Otoko

    July 23, 2016 2:44am

    A couple month ago, i saw those pair at mall. with classic redbox. i never knew it was Cons line until Aaron Herrington wore them in IG.

  4. Francis Gattas

    July 29, 2016 9:12pm

    they look shitty, thats my personal opinion most slip on’s look like shit, but there still seems to be nothing better than slipping on a pair and skating out the door

  5. Kayleb

    August 13, 2016 2:44pm

    They sell these on the urban outfitters online store


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