Forgot About Those: The Nadia Henry Sanchez Shoe


Nadia was a brief drop in the bucket that is the collective skate shoe experience, operating for a year in total, but they definitely added a different flavor for the time. Nadia boasted a solid squad upon their debut, with Ronnie Creager leading the pack and rounded out with Gailea Momolu, Corey Sheppard, Ali Boulala and the one and only Henry Sanchez.

Of their short run, mostly consisting of comfy, oversized puffy models with a (2002 era) Circa-meets-Adio feel with Savier-influenced curves, the Henry Sanchez shoe was the clear winner of the bunch. A clean cupsole with a rubber toecap, the Sanchez was a breath of fresh air with basic colorways and no trinkets, staying more functional than fashionable (this was 2002 – fashionable meant big and flashy). The “H” on the side was humorously on the nose, destined to be fully utilized many years later by a certain prolific skate shoe brand, allowing our theory that this shoe could hold it’s own in with today’s models some merit.

At this point, Sanch’s career was given a second life with a part in debatably Transworld’s strongest video, Sight Unseen, a shared Gold Wheels part with Pat Washington (the one where they rap together as their own soundtrack), a part in Chomp On This (the only real noticeable Nadia-clad footage of his) and a new shoe sponsor. His legendary EMB persona complimented an updated aesthetic, and his Nadia shoe stood out at the time as one of the cleaner available models in the entirety of skate shoes.

You’d be amazed at how little evidence there is that this shoe ever existed. Go ahead, google it – it’s almost like it never happened. Thanks to an old Slap message board post, we were able to recover enough of a usable image to at least provide a visual. If you were lucky enough to snag a pair of these, you know why we made the effort here – the shoe was undeniably solid.

Nadia went under for reasons we’ve been sworn to secrecy over, but their contribution stands out as one of the more interesting of the short-lived attempts in the early-’00s era. We’d really love to see more companies utilize their shoebox to it’s full potential – every Nadia box turned into a stencil – but ultimately we’re hyped that Sanch was given his props with such a great shoe, however briefly.


  1. tomisrad

    June 22, 2016 3:29am

    Damn, sworn to secrecy over a shoe company no one really cared for? This belongs in the category of RECS, Two-Fish, NSS and I guess Praxis. Meh. Creagers shoe was cool, kind of?

  2. nonickname

    June 22, 2016 11:43pm

    I have no idea what Two-Fish are and never saw any Praxis but I had a pair of NSS in ‘chive’ suede that were amazing in the mid 90’s, but after buying that one pair I don’t think I ever saw them for sale again until a late night Skately viewing told me they’re still around, (in the sense that World Industries are ‘still around’) and for sale in K-mart (which we don’t have in Canada).

  3. Uncuffed

    June 24, 2016 10:53am

    They never released any shoes on the east coast, I was alway disappointed, the Terminator is the shit! While I agree that not many were hyped on Nadia, the team was stacked and some of the designs were okay, to put them in a category with NSS is kind of harsh. I actually put them in the same category as Link and Savier footwear, early 00s upstarts with solid riders, that never really got off the ground. That all said, I’m sure the brand disintegrated because of lack of interest due to lack of exposure.

  4. Oliver

    June 24, 2016 10:13pm

    I still have my black pair, I skated them for a very short while before learning Nadia went under and put them into storage. They were a near perfect skate shoe, the only issue was the toe cap was too bulky. The Creager’s looked at awesome shoe as well.

    • Joel Weichbrodt

      June 28, 2016 6:08pm

      The Creager was super comfy, albeit a bit puffy and lacking much feel – not far off from the original DC Kalis shoe in that regard. He sure skated them well; most of the footage in What If? was his or other Nadia shoes.

  5. Paul jamma

    July 5, 2016 11:51am

    Hahahahaha I still got a pair of the sanchez shoe and two boxes. A really SOLID shoe


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