Cody McEntire Is On DVS

On June 14, DVS announced the addition of Texas’ own Cody McEntire to their currently-revamping squad with a minute of new footage. Leaving longtime sponsor Vox for reasons unknown, the bigspin fan and switch flip shifty-prone Blind pro can only add to any team he’s part of.

First blowing everyone’s minds with a flawless Tampa Am run in 2006, he proceeded to destroy spots all over with his personal flair of flick-oriented doozies. Continuing with numerous video parts, the most legendary of which perhaps being from Smoke and Mirrors, Cody’s brought himself a great deal of well-deserved attention and sponsors.

After speaking with Kerry Getz regarding his new position as DVS TM, we knew great things were in store. Here’s to a new squad of rippers and DVS continuing their streak of great contributions to skateboarding.


  1. Uncuffed

    June 19, 2016 1:08am

    Really hope this works out for Cody, been stoked on his skating since the ghetto gowns and baggy ass pants. Seriously tho, he really is one of the best skaters right now and somehow underrated, I’ll never understand it.


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