POTM: May 2016 – Adidas Matchcourt Slip


In April, Adidas officially released a new team favorite, the Matchcourt Slip. Seen on the feet of Na-Kel Smith, Lucas Puig and many others, the shoe has many useful features and a unique style that set it apart as our Pick Of The Month for May.

This new version of the Matchcourt combines the slip-on silhouette with the functionality of the rubber toe cap. While other slip-ons have made use of the rubber toe in the past, the Matchcourt Slip is the first to use a two-tiered version, setting the Matchcourt Slip apart from other slip-ons visually and gives more rubber to wear away before breaking through to the canvas underneath.

The Matchcourt slip also sports a heel pull tab, an underutilized feature in the skate shoe industry. The heel portion of the shoe fits snug, but true to size, while the forefoot is wider than most slip-ons, giving the wearer’s feet a bit more freedom and flexibility. The stock insole is solid, but can be removed and replaced. The white/white and black/white colorways both have a canvas upper, making the shoe light and breathable for those sweaty summer sessions, while the black/black has a canvas/suede upper.


With the shoe’s light construction, simple colorways and certain appearance in Adidas’ upcoming Away Days, you can expect the Matchcourt Slip to be a go-to for summer 2016. Priced at a fair $60, you can find them on Adidas’ webstore and skate shops near you.


  1. Tae

    May 13, 2016 8:30pm

    Vans never thought of this??

    • gus

      May 23, 2016 2:28am

      i know. how had vans not done this? shoe companies really seem behind the times. it takes one company to eventually do something that everybody is aware that they want and then all the rest jump on board as if it is some bizaar gold mine that was right under their noses.

  2. Arturus

    July 19, 2016 6:12am

    The pair I bought off the Adidas Japan website are a bit different. Completely suede construction with a non-removable insole (well, you can technically remove them, but they’re glued in). They also come in a nice gray color with sea foam green soles. I’m wondering if this is a region specific model?


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