My Shoe Mashups – Niké Nostalgia

Nike Nostalgia (Main Image)

Created by Trevor Groen

In a market saturated by one-piece toecaps and simple silhouettes, it’s nice to take a step back and appreciate some older pieces of footwear to reinvigorate our love for skate shoe design. With that being said, this installation of My Shoe Mashups brings you the Niké Nostalgia. Here; we selected 3 revamped models of classic shoes to bring forward a design that could be seen worn from the early ’90s to 2016.

The upper chosen for this Mashup comes from the Nike SB Zoom GTS. Even though there is a lot of canvas implemented into this model, no durability is lost in these areas. Nike outdid themselves by creating a strong canvas, which allows them to create beautiful shoes with multiple materials, but are nearly as durable as a fully suede pieces of footwear. This shoe also features a thickly padded collar for comfort and multiple stitched panels for style. Even though the GTS is long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, there are a couple areas that could be slightly improved, the first being the stitched toe.

The éS Accel is without a doubt one of the most iconic and beautiful shoes in skateboarding history. The Accel Slim helps to improve on this design by making it a bit less bulky, but still keeping the features and style we all know and love. We felt that adding the toe of the Accel Slim to this Mashup would be a perfect fit, helping to improve the durability of the toe, but also in keeping the theme of stitched paneling active. By having the stitched toe go under the side paneling, this allows the toe to stay intact longer, decreasing the risk of having panels flopping off the side of your shoes. Also, adding more suede to the top of the toe helps give this Mashup a little bit more durability, because who doesn’t want their shoes to last longer?

The final addition to this Mashup is the sole from the Adidas Superstar ADV’s. Even though Nike is renowned for having outstanding grip on their shoes, this sole gives them a run for their money. The Vector Traction outsole is extremely grippy and quite flexible, giving the wearer excellent boardfeel and stability. This sole is also extremely comfortable and protective due to the addition of an ADIPRENE drop-in insole/midsole, providing the wearer even more comfort, boardfeel and impact protection. The subtitle designs around the heel and toe areas maintain the aesthetically pleasing overall look.

By combining these three shoes, we’re left with a piece of footwear that would be acceptable for any type of skateboarding. The padding, durability, and boardfeel featured in this Mashup would be great for high impact, technical, and transition skating. Not only would this shoe last you a long time, but you could hold your head high knowing you’re wearing a shoe that doesn’t follow the one-piece toecap trend.

What 3 shoes would you mash into 1?

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  1. Chris G

    June 14, 2016 2:06pm

    I fux wid it! Sans swoosh or nah? Insole from k3 tho. I really want these to come to life


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