A Velcro-Strapped Matchcourt Model To Come? We Hope So.

Considering how quickly posts fly by on social media, we feel obligated to bring to light what could be an incredibly versatile shoe.

We’re all aware of the hype that will follow after the debut of Adidas’ Away Days, but that momentum is only as good as the product that’s going to accelerate that hype. It’ll be hard to live up to, as it’s no easy task appealing to an ever-changing market, but we don’t know too many that have doubted the mighty 3-striped brand and have been correct in their apprehension.

After a heavy shared part, Na-Kel has been seen sporting the famed Matchcourt model with velcro straps, in all-white no less. Tyshawn’s been wearing the all-black version in suede, and both models look aesthetically pleasing. We’ve all witnessed the growing popularity of the Matchcourt, which explains its many renditions. We’ve also seen straps come and go, and there’s no questioning their functionality, but will Adidas’ latest video be able to keep this trying function alive in skate shoes?


Who knows if that is their true intention or if these are simply samples specially made for Nak & Tyshawn? Regardless, we’re fans of this grandpa-approved aesthetic. I mean, despite the name of this publication, who really enjoys ripped laces, anyways?  😉


  1. jdubskii

    May 29, 2016 7:51pm

    reminds me of the vans prison issue I skated back in 2007


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