Remembering That One Time Emerica Collaborated With A Pimp…


Most skate shoe collaborations follow a handful of simple formulas: skate brand x skate brand, skate brand x non-skate brand, skate brand x skate OG, skate brand x artist, skate brand x musician or band… that’s about it. So, when a brand breaks the mold, it seems like a big deal.

Emerica isn’t exactly known for their creative collaborations. In fact, when thinking about the great skate shoe collabs, they probably aren’t one of the companies that come to mind. However, in 2006, Emerica release possibly the most unorthodox skate shoe collaboration of all time.

In a deal reportedly inked on an In-N-Out napkin, Don ‘Magic’ Juan, hip-hop personality, actor, former pimp, current preacher and spiritual advisor to Snoop Dogg, signed a 3 year contract with the brand. That’s right, Emerica collabed with a literal pimp for a signature colorway of the McNally (the shoe best known for never being seen on the feet of a skateboarder), which is fitting since it was the shoe that mostly closely resembled Mr. Juan’s design inspiration as listed on the napkin contract as the Air Force One.

The Emerica McNally, DMJ edition

The Emerica McNally, DMJ edition

The man himself appeared in an advertisement for the shoe, posing on the hood of a car with the Emerica team, with the slogan “Game recognize game” next to the metallic gold animal print and green leather high top. Although the shoe is hideous, the fact that it actually happened is truly bizarre and is too unorthodox to be ignored.

You know what they say –  ‘green is for the money, gold is for the honey.’

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  1. tomisrad

    April 19, 2016 3:46am

    Truly a horrendous shoe, but so fucking cool at the same time

  2. Hot Carl

    April 19, 2016 2:56pm

    If they used green velvet instead of leather those chumps would have flown off the shelves.

  3. Ev

    April 19, 2016 5:49pm

    Definitely have a pair of these brand new in box, who wants??


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