My Shoe Mashups – CubOn XLK

Created by Trevor Groen

Created by Trevor Groen

Slip-on shoes have been a constant staple of skateboarding culture. Their simple aesthetic not only represents the laid back mindset of skateboarders, but allows for a long lasting and extremely flexible piece of footwear.

Even though this style of shoe has been reimagined by various brands over the years, there is one feature that has remained unchanged amongst most brands – a vulcanized outsole. With the exception of a few models, the concept of a cupsole slip-on has been virtually untouched. For this reason, I had to create the CubOn XLK.

The upper used to create this mashup is from the Supra Cuban. This particular piece was chosen for 3 reasons:

First, breathability due to mesh lining.
Second, the collar of the Cuban is padded quite nicely for a slip on, allowing for minimal rubbing around the heels and more stability around the ankles.
Third, it looks great. Supra has a track record for making good-looking shoes, and the Cuban is no exception.

Even though slip-on shoes don’t have the lace wear problem, there is still the standard issue of wear and tear in the ollie/kickflip areas. It made sense to use the Duracap technology from the Vans Slip-On Pro, allowing much more resistance in the high wear areas without sacrificing the simple aesthetic. The line from the sole of the Slip-On Pro has also been added to make up for an otherwise bland appearance.

The final, and key, feature of this mashup is the outsole from the Lakai MJ XLK. Anyone who has skated a shoe featuring XLK technology will know just how amazing these soles skate. The boardfeel, impact protection, flexibility, and grip offered in XLK soles is some of the best on the market.

The final product is a durable, form-fitting shoe that will allow skating of nearly any obstacle offered in skateboarding. Due to its flexible and impact resistant sole, from manual pads and ledges like Marc Johnson, to handrails and gaps like Boo Johnson, this mashup is appropriate for any skateboarder’s style.

What 3 shoes would you mash into 1?
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  1. tomisrad

    April 29, 2016 2:31pm

    I guess technically the Globe Chet IV would be “cupsole slip-on” just by that inner sock deal. I swear there has been a cupsole slip-on recently, didn’t Lakai or DVS do one? Maybe the Globe Castro or the DC slipper? My ideal cupsole slip-on would have a super thin upper with a heel like a Vans AV Classic, thin rubber toe cap like a HUF Classic, toe like a Adidas Mark Gonzales Pro Slip-on, and the sole of the e’S Accel with a Converse Lunarlon insole. Boom

  2. BRUCE

    May 2, 2016 3:26pm


  3. Otis Fatona-Pinet

    May 26, 2016 5:50pm

    There was a tnt vans slip that was a cupsole a few years back! Also those etnies highlights are pretty slip-on-ish, skated mine laceless for a while after they ripped

  4. Roba

    July 11, 2016 8:49pm

    es made a cupsole slipon, check the skately shoe library for proof


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