DGK’s John Shanahan, Skating In Nothing But OG DCs & Kalis Lites

Whenever you see a clip starting out with a pedestrian beatboxing or rapping in skate footage, you know you’re in tune for a stellar edit. That’s especially true when viewing the latest DGK edit, featuring their slew of up and coming ams.

If this edit doesn’t stick out due to John’s natural ability on some stunt wood, his ‘fits are certainly eye-catching. Taking true design cues from the ’90s, it’s hard to decipher if Shanahan has a time machine hidden somewhere or if he’s secretly JK’s offspring. In all reality, you can credit John’s amazing outfits to his recent sponsor, Vintage Sponsor.

Since speaking to Kalis about the uproar of people skating his chiller rendition of his 1st DC pro model, it looks like John Shanahan is at the forefront of this current and hopefully longstanding movement. If you’ve ever taken notice of the outsole of the Kalis Lite, it isn’t the flattest surface, making all of Shanahan’s tricks in them that more impressive. Also, its noteworthy in mentioning that DGK has never been this authentically dirty with their impeccable am lineup. The reminiscent feeling of Kalis within Shanahan & Wenning (even though he was never on DGK), and within Sourbeer is a sign of greener pastures for the brand.


  1. Adam G

    April 21, 2016 8:38pm

    If only Love Park was still around! Shanahan would fit in perfectly.


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