Lakai Releases Vincent Alvarez’ Second Pro Model, The VA2

Vincent Alvarez' 2nd pro model from Lakai - $70

Pulling inspiration from his first shoe, the VA2 has been updated for all who have missed skating his debut pro model. The heritage from his first shoe has now been passed onto his 2nd pro model with a few subtle changes.

If you haven’t been taking notice, one-piece toes have been getting somewhat shorter, and such is the case on the VA2. While many would worry about ripping their laces, the molded foxing tape has been heighten significantly to take the bulk of the wear when skating. The molded sole should fit snug, applying a more secure fit along with what appears to be a narrower toe. For comfort purposes, the Lux-Lite insole has been dropped in for all your cushioning needs.


Look for a reasonable break-in time and an even more reasonable price at $70 for the VA2’s. Debuting colorways include navy, High Rise (not pictured here) and black suede uppers.


  1. JD Turner

    March 11, 2016 6:56pm

    Tried them on when they got into Holistic Skateshop and they feel very comfortable on my feet. Definitely worth trying on if your local shop carries the model.

  2. Anderson

    March 17, 2016 2:38pm

    I like the look of the VA2s and I bet they’re great to wear and all but how come Lakai shoes in general have this inconsistent quality to them? Some pairs are picture perfect and long lasting but some of the pairs I’ve seen have bad stitching, excess glue, or even inconsistent sizing. Check out the detailing on the side panels in the topmost picture: the gray stripe isn’t the same size as the maroon stripe. It seems minor but when similar issues occur fairly often on other pairs, it gives off the impression that Lakai has problems with their shoe manufacturers most of the time.

    • Trump

      March 22, 2016 12:49am

      I and terribly sorry that Lakai Footwear hasn’t met your standards. We are trying really hard to be just like Nike and Adidas where they use the upmost quality in their products. Now, these shoes pictured above only samples of the shoe to tease our customers. Not every shoe is perfect but the maroon stripe was Vincent’s idea. It would have been a problem if it was thicker on that particular colorway. If you have any other complaints please send us a letter (the address is below) and we will promptly throw it in the trash.

      420 Boyd Street, Suite #300
      Los Angeles, CA 90013

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