NB# Is Going Against the Grain W/ The Brighton Hi 347

The NB# Brighton 347 LN, by Jordan Trahan

The NB# Brighton High LN 347, by Jordan Trahan

It would appear that New Balance Numeric has no problem bending the rules when they see fit.

Rather than slapping an “inspired by” patch on an existing colorway, designers gave Jordan Trahan free reign over a shoe of his choice. The result is the Brighton High LN 347, an unapologetic cupsole the likes of which are scarce in a post-Cherry world. Given that Trahan is still awaiting the pro nod from 5boro, we’re not sure if the BHLd347 constitutes as a “pro model”; frankly, we’re just glad he’s getting taken care of. And, in our eyes, it’s one of the first times, if not only time, where an am could create a pro model from scratch. We’re liking these moves NB#.

Noted cupsole enthusiast Jordan Trahan blows our minds in the new 5boro video.

The upper is identical in design to its vulcanized counterpart, with an outer layer of leather in lieu of the original suede. On the off chance you break through the leather, an inner canvas layer is waiting to protect your socks. The sole and tread pattern used are both lifted from the Logan 636. For those unfamiliar with the Numeric line, the sole is thicker than the consumer average (such as the Stratford or the Mark Suciu pro model), yet extraordinarily light. The BHL347 includes a stock PU Numeric insole while a layer of RevLite sits in the midsole for additional impact protection. The outsole is soft enough to flick easily, while the tread consists of patterns designed to cater to specific areas of wear and tear. To top it all off, the only colorway is an unorthodox collared green/olive (perhaps to celebrate Trahan’s Louisiana roots?) with a black sole. Regardless, this colorway looks great with any assortment of jeans, khakis, etc.

A midtop cupsole is such a rarity these days. The Brighton High LN fills a much needed void.

A midtop cupsole is such a rarity these days. The Brighton High LN fills this void, and injured ankles and hurt knees everywhere rejoice.

The combination of leather and RevLite make the BHL347 the thickest cupsole we’ve skated in years. We praised the Adidas Suciu for reminding us of a healthy, yet thinned out early 2000’s model and we can say the same about the BHL347. The shoe may test your patience with an extended break-in period, especially when you’ve been so used to those 1-2 hour break-in periods, but it’s well worth it. The durability, cushioning and protection of this model alone merit a lengthy break-in time where you can enjoy a cruise or simply walk around in it. The BHL347 is supportive, grippy, and keeps your feet warm during those early-morning winter sessions.

More to come as we review it this winter.


  1. Sharique

    December 3, 2015 2:24pm

    When will these be available?

  2. Widdly Scuds

    December 8, 2015 5:07pm

    Does this colorway make anyone else think of Master Chief?

  3. Aaron

    December 17, 2015 12:02am

    I wish I could get these in Japan without paying nearly 250 dollars for them.

  4. Davie Dick

    August 4, 2017 8:02pm

    Why did these have to be a one-off 🙁 ? Bring ’em back in some less ass colourways, like you know, maybe black and white.


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