RL Recommends: Lakai Staple

Lakai's newly reissued Staple is holding up, regardless of its Vulcanized construction (Yes, we wanna see it in cupsole too but c'mon).

Lakai’s newly reissued Staple is holding up, regardless of its Vulcanized construction (yes, we wanna see it in cupsole, too, but c’mon now).

Reissues and rubber toe caps are trending hard in 2015, and Lakai has its bases covered with the remodeled Staple. The original design, a bulky cupsole by today’s standards, now features a vulcanized sole and a heat-transferred rubber toecap to appeal to the next generation of Crailtap. Although the Staple isn’t scheduled to come out until March 2016, we got a hold of a sample pair earlier this year. In lieu of having a production pair of Staples, we wanted to share our results after 20 Hours of skating but please keep in mind that these are samples. Based on the results, you can get a pretty good idea of how the full production quality Staple’s should be able to hold up. Here are some thoughts on the shoe after over twenty hours of wear and tear.

For such a durable shoe, the Staple isn’t bulky by any means. It’s slim, with a narrow toebox, and the rubber toecap is attached via heat-transfer, as opposed to stitched on or wrapped with foxing construction. As such, it remains effective without being intrusive, and provides for excellent flick throughout the shoe’s lifespan. The deep herringbone tread pattern also helps keep your flip tricks crispy as the shoe breaks in in the right places. Expect to get used to the Staple’s rubber toecap quicker than, say, the one you’d find on the Nike SB All-Court or the NB# 212.

The Staple offers the boardfeel of a typical vulcanized shoe, but provides enough protection to keep you from bruising your feet on flatground. The stock insole does provide a minimal amount of cushioning, but it’s hard to recommend wearing these off the board without some aftermarket insoles. Surprisingly, the high sidewalls provide ample ankle support, which is a huge plus for such a thin and low profile shoe.

The Staples toe after many hours of skating.

The Staples toe after 20 Hours of skating.

The Staple is one of the more durable shoes we’ve tested this year. As expected, the rubber toecap takes the brunt of the damage without wearing through completely to the suede. The foxing tape on the toe is thick enough to allow the sole to keep shape throughout the testing period, as well. Lakai didn’t skimp on the suede, either; the entire upper remained intact throughout the testing period. On the downside, the sole wore bald by the end of the testing period. However, given our past experience with the Lakai sole, it’s safe to chalk that up to the fact that the shoes are samples.

Keep an eye out for the Staple in the coming months. The new rubber toecap and vulcanized sole ensures that the shoe skates great and lasts well over twenty hours, while keeping the essence of the original design. We’re very excited to see what Lakai has in store for the final product.


  1. Drgraffenberg

    November 18, 2015 1:37pm

    Hope the release the original cupsole as well.


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