First Glance: Adidas Skateboarding’s Matchcourt Mid

More Rubber Toe's contending for the No.1 spot - Adidas Matchcourt Mid, due in Dec'15.

More rubber toes contending for the No.1 spot – Adidas Matchcourt Mid, due in Dec’15.

With every skate brand on the market flaunting one, it’s going to be difficult deciding what rubber toe model is going to be the best for your buck. While we’re in the process of trying to answer that question, we can only speak for the Adidas Matchcourt Mid and other rubber toe models we’ve featured/skated before.

Adidas has a deep history of popular team models, some of which have gone way too soon. 🙁  The Ronan (R.I.P.), Campus Vulc, Adi-Ease, and the list goes on. From the 5 hours that we’ve skated with the Matchcourt Mid, we can already recognize that this model will be added to that growing list. For starters, this vulcanized model breaks in fairly easy considering the fused rubber toe, which sometimes requires some breaking-in of its own. Shockingly, while the rubber toe sits sturdy on the front of your shoe, it has plenty of give to skate right out of the box. More over, the rubber toe on the Matchcourt Mids have enough height and space to accommodate any and every foot. The fit of the shoe itself isn’t narrow, but sits on the narrow outsole, typically found on the Adi-Ease.

In terms of durability, this shoe has all the elements you need for a fully functional shoe from top to bottom. The mid styling fits snug and holds your foot in place with the simple use of the top lace loops. The upper of the shoe has a strategically placed combination of suede & canvas. The suede can be found wherever vulnerable-to-wear from skating areas are, while the canvas avoids all of that to provide acceptable breathability.


It’s backed by a thin PU insole, but supportive enough to endure flat ground skating and anything less than a 6-stair. There isn’t much arch support considering its barebones design, but we’ll take that lack of comfort for the extended durability of the rubber toe. The biggest con with the Matchcourt model, both mid & low, is that the laces are utterly vulnerable to ripping. We’ve currently gone through a number of lace changes but have avoided further changes by knotting the 2nd lace loop with what was leftover from the first.

We don’t mean to jump the gun, but with all the pros outweighing the cons with the Matchcourt, we have to say that it’s already a nominee for our best S.S.O.T.Y. award. The rubber isn’t tacky or sticky enough to have to break-in in order to successfully flick off of your board. We have to say this is probably Adidas best team model to date.

More info to come as we try to wear these down – currently at the 5-hour mark with some Mob grip, and it looks like nothing’s happened. Expect to find yourself wanting these around December.

Who’s got your vote for the best rubber toe out now?


  1. chip van slam

    October 7, 2015 7:48pm

    Superstar ADV-can’t wait for the new colors to come out. In like 27 years of skating, it’s been rare to have something so good right out of the box. #datADVtho

    These, on the other hand, look plain busted.

  2. hick

    October 10, 2015 6:52pm

    This looks like a rad winter shoe….probably cupping these and another pair of cupsole adidas tennis shoes

  3. hank

    October 14, 2015 2:11am

    i can’t tell if the upper is suede or not, what’s the word on that? i’m definitely going to try these shoes out regardless. also, what’s the msrp on ’em?

  4. Planetary Caravan

    October 15, 2015 3:55pm

    Im not sure if I like this rubber toecap compared to a few others I’ve seen, im not a big nike fan, however those ck all court classics got me seeing 3d. Those are so far the cleanest, and with nike grip it’s hard to pass up. You guys should try to get all of the new rubber toed shoes and skate each one back to back, Huf, Cons, Nike, DC, Adidas, VANS TOO?! (Tell me you guys have seen the Vans black ball sf) But anyways that would make for a heavyweight article my friends.

  5. matt pm

    December 22, 2015 9:27pm

    I like the rubber toes that DON’T look like a piece of rubber took a shit on my shoe in THE 60’s.(like the Marana)

  6. Chris

    December 23, 2015 5:58pm

    If only these had a little bit more padding they would be perfect. I hate the whole floppy ankle area that converse and shoes like this have.


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