Adidas Suciu ADV Review

Adidas is constantly reminding consumers that a skate shoe can be more than a one-piece upper on a vulcanized sole – often to mixed reactions. Some of the company’s designs, like the Busenitz Pro, have earned their place in the skate shoe hall of fame; others, like the ZX Vulc, missed the mark. In 2013, Mark Suciu earned his place among skateboarding greats by releasing a still-shocking thirty minutes of footage. Now, we’re here to determine if his new pro shoe, the Suciu ADV, is worthy of similar acclaim.

Review Information
This review was done using our month long format. The shoe was skated for a total of 20 hours (with a fresh sheet of Mob grip for all you nerds out there). Check below for each grading. We base our rating from 1 – 10, “10” being the best and “1” being the absolute worst.

Sizing & Support
The Suciu ADV may feel huge when you try them on for the first time, but that’s only because of the shoe’s Adiprene insole, and the excellent cushioning in the toebox.  Fear not! The shoe’s fit is very close to average, if not just a little long. Your initial trepidation with the shoe shouldn’t last longer than it takes to walk around in them, but those who are picky about extra toe space in their shoes might consider sizing down.

Short Answer: (Mostly) True To Size.

From 5 Hours (top) to 20 Hours (bottom), the Suciu ADV's are durable.

From 5 Hours (top) to 20 Hours (bottom), the Suciu ADV’s are durable.

Comfort & Cushion
We paraded the Suciu ADV as “the closest thing to an early-era 2000s shoe” but surprisingly, the shoe takes mere minutes to break in. This is because most of the cushioning protecting your foot is located in the Adiprene insole, outside of the shoe itself. The Adiprene insole keeps your foot (your heel in particular) firmly locked in place as you’re skating, and it won’t deflate throughout the shoe’s lifespan, either. The symmetrical ankle was a nice touch and certainly helped to curb a rolled ankle on more than one occasion, but those with serious ankle issues might want to stick with a brace or a mid top shoe of your preference (if you can find one). But, as a whole, this reviewer found himself spending far more time than average on the board without any noticeable soreness, which is a good sign.

Comfort & Cushion: 10 – The cushioning is what really sets the Suciu ADV ahead of the competition. The shoe is comfy enough to wear as a chiller without sacrificing board feel, flex, or grip.


Outsole durability from 5 Hours (left) to 20 Hours (right).

Outsole durability from 5 Hours (left) to 20 Hours (right). The depth of the outsole is only now starting to fade but is still deep enough for a good amount of grip.

Boardfeel & Grip
The Suciu ADV doesn’t sacrifice skateability for comfort, and vice versa. As mentioned above, most of the shoe’s cushioning is in the Adiprene insole. The actual sole on the Suciu ADV is quite thin, which lends the shoe flex and grip. What’s more, the insole is particularly thick in the heel of the shoe, rather than the forefoot. The result is a shoe comparable to the Busenitz pro, with a key difference being that the raised heel on the Suciu ADV is significantly less pronounced. The Suciu ADV is also far grippier than the Busenitz Pro, thanks to a tread pattern that’s deep enough to remain intact for the entire testing period. What this means for the average skateboarder is that the shoe reacts to your foot and your board like a vulcanized shoe, but provides the protection of a cupsole.

Boardfeel: 10 – Everything you need to feel, and nothing more.
Grip: 8 – Your kickflips will be crisp the moment you put the shoes on.


Perhaps the most impressive of the durability factor. Suciu ADV's toe from 5 Hours (top) to 20 Hours (bottom).

Perhaps the most impressive of the durability factor. Suciu ADV’s toe from 5 Hours (top) to 20 Hours (bottom).

As a whole, the Suciu ADV held up quite well. The shoe kept its shape and form throughout the testing period, despite the numerous exposed stitches on the side. A kickflip hole formed around the ten hour mark, and some of the running stitches on the side broke through around hour fifteen, but an underlying canvas layer kept the shoe alive. (Oddly enough, a kickflip hole didn’t form in the black pair of Suciu ADVs we skated, so we’re taking that into account in our scoring.) One gripe we had was that the recessed lace loops didn’t provide nearly enough lace protection, and we lived up to our site’s name numerous times during the testing period. The sole is grippy and the tread pattern is deep enough to remain in some form past the twenty-hour mark, but don’t expect optimal grip as the shoe gets on in sessions.

Upper Durability: 8 – Some seams will burst and holes will wear through, but nothing drastic enough to affect your skating.
Outsole Durability: 7 – The outsole held up well, but not outstandingly.

Adidas took some risks with the Suciu ADV and they definitely paid off. Thanks to the Adiprene insole, the shoe is the comfiest we’ve skated in recent memory. The upper is also surprisingly durable. Our only real gripes with the shoe are minor design flaws, such as breathability and lace protection. If you can handle the bright orange marks all over your grip, we recommend grabbing a pair.


  1. Moon

    August 31, 2015 6:33pm

    Am I the only one who hated Adiprene? So much sweat…

  2. Papa Alabama

    September 2, 2015 4:17pm

    Hey, how’s the width of the shoe? Is narrow or is it suitable for people with piedone feet? My reference point is the Reynolds 3, wich I skate right now and it’s probably the best one I ever skated.

    • thomas

      January 14, 2016 8:32am

      I have the busenitz vulc in size 9 and bought the suciu in size 8.5. Oddly enough the busenitz is very very tight while the sucic fit well right out of the box wich i loved. As mentioned above the adiprene can get slippery but its big enough to maybe replace it with another insole of your choice if you want to wear them for skaten. For normal wear the adiprene feels very comfortable.

    • Nate Liebert

      July 10, 2016 1:13pm

      It’s a narrow shoe and the adiprene helps to augment that narrow feeling in the center of the shoe.

  3. gk

    February 3, 2016 12:29am

    Is Adidas phasing these out? They seem pretty hard to find.

    • Cody

      February 7, 2016 7:32am

      Actually they’ve been on the rise as of late. maybe not in skateboarding specifically, but they company as a whole has had a lot of success with the originals line.

    • KizashiAGP

      July 13, 2016 9:32am

      Cody, he meant is Adidas phasing THESE out, not if Adidas is fading out.
      GK, I’ve noticed that as well, but nah they are still selling them. Prices don’t seem to fall short of MSRP every time, so they must be selling a decent amount.

    • Justin Figueroa

      July 13, 2016 3:48pm

      I really hope these aren’t being phased out?? I haven’t found a pair of shoes that fit me like these do!! I purchased both a regular size and a half size smaller, I get what you mean about the lil extra space in the toe.. The half size down did the trick, just needed a few more stretches to have them fit. As usual, I find shoes that fit a little to late in the game.. I’ve gone on a hunt to find as many as I can before they’re gone.. Hopefully Suciu has some more colorways coming out???

  4. Porter

    June 5, 2017 2:32pm

    The insole in the suciu adv really had a rubber feeling that might pull your sock under your foot and pull your toes downward too. I skate these bare foot and they are really comfortable.

    • Mayor Grimble

      June 5, 2017 7:12pm

      I had the same issue. I have to untie both shoes entirely before slipping them on. Can’t say it’s the worst annoyance given how comfortable they are.

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