Rarities: Take Senimental Items Away From Jamie Thomas

Jamie's One Off Chucks - For your buying pleasure. Edit: SOLD

Jamie’s One Off Chucks – For your buying pleasure. Edit: SOLD

In everyone’s lives, there comes a time when you have to give up some sentimental possessions for any number of reasons. Whether it be because you’re breaking up with an ex, moving out of your parents house so you can smoke weed without hiding it anymore, or whatever else, sometimes you have to let go of things you never planned on parting with. While it may be unfortunate for Jamie and the former Black Box crew, skateboarders around the world will benefit from Garage Days Collection.

Depending on how high you regard your skate nerdery, its been a proud fact for those in the know that Jamie has 2 of everything that’s ever had his name on it. From shoes, boards, wheels, stickers, etc. You name it. If it has his name on it, the likelihood is that the Chief has it saved. If Jim Greco holds himself in such high regard, enough to glass seal and commemorate his ollie into the Cardiel Car Wash bank, then Jamie (who essentially jumped off of something that Jaws would even 2nd guess) has every right to hold onto his every accomplishment.

Notable features include some Mislead Youth memorabilia, limited pairs of Jamie’s old collection of pro models (even some that never made the cut), and more decks that even the most dedicated deck collector doesn’t have. As it stands now, you can only imagine that their handle is only going to feature rarer gems, that will sell twice as fast as they are now.


Some of the many gems being sold from Black Box’s private collection.

From speaking to Jamie awhile back, we heard about him wanting to do this for a benefit or fundraiser of some sort so to say the least, it’ll benefit a good cause. Whether it be a part of the rebuilding of Zero, Fallen, A local charity or whatever else, at least you’re purchasing and giving back at the same time. If the opportunity presents itself, we’ll be watching closely for the stain glassed Grim reaper Chris Cole deck from when he first turned pro (can’t find it but here’s a tattoo of it). Wanted it then, didn’t get it, so naturally we have to have it. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you see it anytime soon. #SQUAD

Also, we’ll be working on something closely with Fallen/Jamie soon enough. Like we said, keep em peeled. More Rarities here.


  1. Tyler Dombrowski

    April 9, 2015 7:41pm

    Jamie Thomas is truly one of the all-time OG’s. I mean he’s a badass bc he always goes for the gnarliest biz and never gives up but does it whilst being sober and encouraging others to do the same. Love that guy

  2. art hellman

    April 10, 2015 6:32pm

    there was also a Zero Skunk sticker


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