Rarities: DGK X FILA Collab, Only 250 Pairs Available

DGK & FILA come together for the #RoughAndRugged collaboration. - Debuting May 1st.

DGK & FILA come together for the #RoughAndRugged collaboration. – Debuting May 1st.

Last year, we reported on the potential of having Fila enter the skate shoe market. Where you’ll normally final our Q&R section to be a lengthy collection of guesses with logical reasoning to support our cause, nothing’s ever certain…until now. 

Both of our guesses were admittingly incorrect but if combined, there’s a gleam of truth within them. As it stands right now, the collaboration involves paying homage to Fila for their involvement in skateboarding during the early years of street skating’s growth. The best reference for East Coast skateboarders would be when HH was found skating in a pair during Mixtape. 2nd to last pick, reported by the solid fellas at VP. San Francisco skateboarder’s had their fair share of exposure with Fila but it’s fair to say that no one expected DGK to collaborate with the brand in question.

Fila’s relevancy isn’t what it used to be since the 90’s but they have recently gained some notoriety in streetwear fashion. Aisde from that, the purpose of collaborating with them is somewhat confusing but if we’re talking about it on a purely utilitarian purpose, then it makes sense. Even though there was a limited selection of actual skate shoe brands back in the 80’s & 90’s, the reason so many skateboarders were skating them back then was simply due to their advanced functionality. As with Jordan’s, Tennis shoes and so forth, its all skateboarders had to choose from at the time. As we reflect, this collaboration is starting to make more sense. The upper will feature a suede versus the traditional leather material that you’d normally find. Fila also went as far as treating and altering their gum outsole to have it cater to skateboarders everywhere. No word on their retail price yet but we’re willing to bet that it’ll be between $75-85.

Between the #SkateWhateverTheFuckyouWant movement, we can tell that there is indeed a group of skateboarders interested in this DGK X Fila collaboration. If the capacity exists to put it on certain skateboarder’s feet, our 2 suggestions would include Adrian Williams for his uncanny ability to skate better than anyone in what are essentially Payless shoes (1:02 – Reebok’s). The other candidate would consist of Connor Kammerer for his dedication of skating nothing but non-skate shoes consciously.

Additional info on this collaboration will be available in the latest issue of Kayo’s magazine. More over, we’ve been reassured that this FILA collab will not be available in any chain stores whatsoever. If you’re wanting a pair of these, call / ask your local skate shop if they’re one of the lucky few receiving a pair of these Classics. If we’re fortunate to get a pair, you’ll see some coverage on how they skate and whether it’s a worthy investment (more than likely, it will be). #Jussayin


  1. Fun Skateboards

    April 13, 2015 4:37am

    When I heard about filas involvement in skateboarding it sounded like a sport company trying to swagger jack the skate industry, but these go against any preconceived ideas I had about fila, these are rad, I hope I can get my hands on a pair, any word rippedlaces on where I can snag one online or in store?

  2. kyle

    April 13, 2015 3:44pm

    these are tight. look like the KCK Duffs

  3. will

    April 14, 2015 2:25am

  4. Cody

    April 14, 2015 5:30pm

    I would skate Fila if they had a legitimate skate program. Some of their shoes look pretty nice, and would be skate-able if they swapped out the nubuck for suede or leather. My only concern would be quality, as Fila isn’t known for their high quality products; But if they were to make good skate shoes without a major price hike I would have to buy them


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