10 Classic Skate Shoes That Would Be Better As Chillers

This photo just makes us feel like this.

This photo just makes us feel like this. JK 1 Trainer/Chiller…..or you could skate em’.

In one form or fashion, we all want our favorite childhood skate shoes to comeback into our lives. No one cares how, because you simply want the memory back. With only a few wanting early era-2000’s skate shoes for their performance values, the rest of the skateboarding community is content with having them for the sole purpose of wearing and enjoying them.

Over the weekend, Josh Kalis blessed the internet with a subtle announcement of his 1st DC pro model being reissued as a chiller. With this announcement, its got us thinking about what other classic skate shoe(s) should be reissued as “chillers” (btw, can we please come up with another term for a relaxing skate shoe?). After gather the RL team of nerds together for a meeting of the minds, we’ve come to the consensus of what you see below. There are a number of reasons as to why these older skate shoes would serve a better purpose as a “Chiller”. The primary reason being that once you would put on any of these reissue’s, you’d probably come to the realization of how insane it would be to skate them today. More over, the design of each of these shoes are so primitive in terms of material, that you’d have to update them in more than one way, which would cost a lot of money. This is explains why most companies won’t just recreate your favorite old skate shoes. So, in order to save thousands of dollars for these companies and your angst from having a shoe that isn’t in its truest form (think of your reaction with the new DC Lynx), we’re suggesting for these companies to put their classic shoes out as they were and recommend every skater to relax in them. And if they so please, they have the option to skate them. Everyone wins.


10. Globe Danny Gonzales T1

10. Globe Danny Gonzales T1

As the man who blended “circus” tricks and technical skateboarding to the best degree possible, it’s only right that Danny Gonz’ Globe shoe be mentioned here. Aside from the stunts he managed to pull during his tenure, his shoe was athletic-looking enough to pass as an actual chiller/trainer. The DG T1 had a mesh siding for breathability (what’s more chill than chilled feet?), a runner toe and an airbag. Essentially, all the necessary elements to withstand a long day of comfort.

9. éS Lenox

The team model mixes a simplistic construction but blends everything together with a practically gleaming leather upper that could shine for days. The Lenox’s rubber toe dropped and extended onto the side, but more over, the carefully selected perforations and stitch lines make this shoe more appealing today, as it did back in the day. If we’re looking for a reissue from éS, maybe it should be from a shoe that wasn’t as popular as the Accel. At least as an effort to see where it would place in today’s market, but as a chiller/trainer.

8. Emerica Ellington.

8. Emerica Ellington

We know that the necessary elements of a great tech/chiller shoe is a reliable runner toe. The subtle convenience of being able to peer over your toe as you walk has to be apart of some of life’s small joys. Aside from being one of the more bad ass shoes to ever come out of Sole Tech, as with the Lenox, the Ellington’s still look good by today’s standards. Some have been seen wearing Ellington’s to chill in recently but with today’s updated technology and material, you have to think that it could be even better than we remember.

7. DC Stevie Williams

7. DC Stevie Williams

The lines throughout the entire upper just make the Stevie’s so good looking. With the hidden lace loops, it makes the shoe look even more modern than ever- if not, it looks like a basketball shoe (which we’re sure it was based off, spacing a.t.m.). Logo’s have only recently become a thing to shy away from when branding a product but somehow, Stevie and the designers at DC knew the importance of not needing to brand a shoe when it already looks good. Crazy how that’s come through then when only a certain amout of companies are coming to that realization now.

6. Axion Islander

6. Axion Islander

Gino’s first and only shoe (does the Challenge Court really count?) could be on this list for the simple fact that Gino’s one of the better tactician’s of style, in and out of skateboarding. Aside from that, the complexity of the lines and breaks in the outsole make this shoe stick out from any distance. Bobshirt recently caught up with the man himself, and while he renounces it, the Islander’s athletic appeal could look incredibly relaxing on feet if modernized with today’s technology. Here’s as close as we’ll get to their modernized look. 😉

5. Nike SB Air Zoom FC

5. Nike SB Air Zoom FC

As the leaders in athletic and relaxing footwear (depending on age range, NB got the elderly count), Nike SB could easily cause a frenzy if they reissued the Air Zoom FC. With the design aside, imagine for a moment if it came back out today with the technology advances that they have at the moment. A Lunarlon footbed or midsole, some Flyknit material or internal cage/bootie? Sounds ideal already after a long day of skating. Especially if you don’t want to wear their commercially popular shoes. Kinda explains why the Janoski Airmax’s are so popular.

4. DVS Dill’s

4. DVS Dill’s

As with the DC Stevie’s, the DVS Dill’s have some great deco stitch work throughout the shoe that elevates it from other skate shoes of the past. If it were to come out again today, the slimming of the cushioning would be totally necessary. Only after releasing the puffy interior within the shoe, would the Dill’s take on a luxury brand like look with lines that already project a slimming look. It’d be popular among both downriver and upriver consumers everywhere.

3. Lakai Nyla

3. Lakai Nyla

If we could, we’d slap a flare on some Jordan 11’s and essentially start chilling because the Nyla’s outsole reminds us of just that (and that doesn’t take away from it). The bumped out sole could only add so much stability and ideally make it a perfect chiller. Along with those functional features, it makes the shoe so distinct. The mesh coated flare just reassures us that we’re looking at a shoe designed in the early 2000’s, and that means it’ll be super comfortable. We could see Biebel playing ball in these already, only to back tail a tall ass ledge to follow.

2. C1RCA CM901

2. C1RCA CM901

How do you expect us to have a list (when we feature so few) about tech/relaxing footwear and not mention one of the Godfather brands and models of that era? The C1RCA Muska 901’s weren’t the most beautiful looking shoes but have earned such a high place on the list because of their functionality. And when it comes down to the bare bones of chiller/trainer footwear, you want functionality and comfort to be on the same level. Looking back, these look like hiking shoes but that’s fine. The stash pocket only makes them even better, especially when we all inevitably reach our older age. We might have to put our prescription’s in there or keys or some shit.

1. éS K3

1. éS K3

The éS K3 undoubtably cannot be left out of this conversation. If it were to be rereleased, along with the Kalis’ 1’s, we’re willing to bet that it’s popularity might outshine the aforementioned shoe soon to be released. The minimalistic nature of the shoe’s construction makes it look so relaxing. The airbag and curved sole allow it to stand the test of time even to today’s standards. We’re sure that people are already preparing to skate in the JK1’s trainers but the capability to skate in the K3’s might be more feasible. Even though this is our number 1 pick, the reality of this shoe actually being reissue is unlikely because of royalty contracts or something pending with Koston’s involvement with eS. Regardless of all that, it doesn’t take away the level of comfort that this shoe would serve in today’s handrail-skating, rail riding era we live in today. Jaws would be the first to cop a pair. Someone get him some JK1’s as soon as they drop.

Throw your picks below. We want to hear what classic skate shoe you’d love to wear as a chiller today. This guy is skating them regardless whether they’re chillers or not.


  1. dr.g

    April 21, 2015 8:21pm

    es scheme, circa muska701, es sword, es logic, es cyber, I would pay big for comfort to return to skate shoes. like walking on clouds.

  2. Matt pidgeon

    April 22, 2015 12:45am

    Osiris D3

  3. Pat

    April 22, 2015 6:56am

    Adio Bam V2 [black gum fucking awesome], eS Koston v1, eS Penny v1, Adio Kenny V1

  4. Andrew

    April 22, 2015 12:15pm

    Hands down, in my opinion of course, the most comfortable skate shoe ever was the C1rca Chad Muska CM503. Chad was always ahead of the game as far as design goes, and this shoe certainly didn’t disappoint. I honestly don’t think many people remember the shoe, due to it being released after the huge skating boom of 99-01. The shoe featured an inner sock liner, but the liner itself was made of padded foam, not the typical elastic material that many other shoes with the inner booty system (recently brought back by Emerica’s Figgy Pro Model) used. I am one of the lucky few to still have a pair intact, all thanks to the greatest hashtag on Instagram, #Sk8shoewars. If anyone is interested in seeing these shoes, I can shoot some pictures to RL for them to post.

  5. Andrew

    April 22, 2015 2:09pm

    The most comfortable skate shoe ever, in my opinion of course, would have to be the C1RCA Chad Muska CM503. Muska always seemed to be ahead of the game as far as design goes, and he certainly stayed true to that with the CM503. The CM503, released in late 2002, featured an inner sock liner as did many other shoes from that period (think DC A.V.E). What set the liner in Chad’s shoe apart from the others, was that the liner was formed using foam padding and a breathable mesh rather than the common elastic material. Honestly, I think the shoe wasn’t mentioned in this article, because it was released after the big boom skating experienced from 99-01, thus leaving it pretty much forgotten. I can send pictures to RL to post if anyone is interested.

  6. danny

    April 22, 2015 2:39pm

    this has nothing to do with shoes, but after watching danny gonzales transworld part i noticed that one thing i miss from skate videos is the smiles after they land tricks, nowadays skaters dont smile as much they struggle, where’s the joy of skating….

  7. mdspb

    April 22, 2015 6:47pm

    Savier BAs
    Adidas Gonz 2

    (I’d skate ’em)

  8. Gavin McLeod

    April 22, 2015 9:21pm

    I wouldn’t mind some K1’s

  9. chip van slam

    April 24, 2015 1:44am

    Those DVS Dill’s skated so damn good-I still check ebay from time to time, hoping to find them.

    Also, Dill Vita’s were damn good for chilling/skating. I think they were a copy of a North Face shoe? Chilltastic.

  10. stupididiot

    April 25, 2015 9:24pm

    és koston 2

  11. Deez

    April 26, 2015 4:45am

    These articles are getting worse and worse.

  12. Jon

    April 26, 2015 4:05pm

    Am I the only one noticing that there are less and less reviews????

  13. Franck Boistel

    April 28, 2015 4:08pm


  14. heelfliperic

    April 29, 2015 4:42pm

    This is stupid, “chillers” are a forced, artificial thrust into market. Its a company made gimmick to sell as many shoes as possible. Why should people need separate shoes for relaxing and skating? If skate shoes aren’t comfy enough as they are to be “chillers”, then companies are just producing shitty shoes. Doesn’t matter how cool or core a company is, no brand is above producing meh or even shit product.

    • blklbl

      January 28, 2016 8:14pm

      because its healthy for your foot nor your odor to wear skateshoes all day during non skaten activities.

      See the K1 from ES. the mesh on the front area made them terible skateshoes but the breathabillity was unmatched.

      go figure.

  15. Chris Requena

    May 22, 2015 6:09pm

    No Mention of the Globe Chet Thomas III, IV,or V??? Those bitches were comfy and not only comfy durable and skated forever, I so wish I could these still in a size 12 with the red or black colorway…… I want a reissue of those!!!!

    • Brandon

      May 15, 2017 5:27am

      The silver/black/grey Chet IV are my favorite shoe ever. When I first see that puffy greytness I fell in love

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