Agenda Sneak Peek: éS Skateboarding Fa’15 – Part 1

The éS Accent, in Grey & Green, both featuring a Leather/Suede upper.

The éS Accent, in Grey & Green, both featuring a Leather/Suede upper.

After growing their demand with their first injection of team models, éS footwear is beginning to expand their catalog since their return back into the market.

We’ve witnessed their growth first hand since their resurgence and admittingly, éS has done a fair job at listening to consumers demands. Other than the nearly impossible (reissue of Sal 23 & Koston 1 & 3’s – due to licensing/contractual obligations), skateboarding’s most beloved footwear brand is notably moving their designs into familiar territory. Aside from updating their now staple models with fresh new colorways, an array of updated models and new ones all together will be hitting the market shortly.

Before getting into their new offering’s, let’s revisit their current offerings. The Accent is your mandatory functional vulc model with all the essentials built in. The tongue centering straps, one piece toe and a heightened foxing tape for prolonged durability make the Accent one of the more wanted vulc models. It’s not promising much but that’s the beauty of the Accent. Just the bare necessities for those looking to skate a shoe right out of the box. The grey and dark green above are more than pleasing to the eye. If you’ve already tried the Accent and its proven to be your favorite, you’ll probably love the standard black and white colorway that’s been updated with blue hits throughout.

The Accelerate, in Grey & Navy/Wht/Gum.

The Accelerate, in Grey & Navy/Wht/Gum.

The Accelerate is a growing favorite in the loyal cupsole community. Its favoritism is probably due to its straightforward design and similar aesthetic from its predecessor, the Accel. The sturdy foundation on the Accelerate probably has much to do with its success as well. The upcoming colorway’s for Fall ’15 won’t distract too much, with the uncommon exception of this black and gum colorway which features a kaleidoscope-looking panel on the side. Every colorway, including a grey and navy/white model, will have gum outsoles which have proven to be gripper than your average white outsoles.

Lastly, when speaking on éS’ return, we can’t forget about the Accel Sq model. As an inspired model of the admired Square 2, it’s the shoe that the majority of skater’s probably feel most comfortable in (depending on age range). All but calm and cool colorways for éS this season as you can tell, especially with this minimalistic grey colorway. In other news, we unfortunately didn’t see any new updated colorways of the OG Accel but éS is probably saving the release of new colorways for another time. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for you though.

Part 2, later this week.


  1. jasminder

    March 11, 2015 3:39am

    hell yeah! also for all you new school skaters eyeing the accell…… watch out for the accel lite 😉

  2. InsideTrack

    March 11, 2015 5:42pm

    You should be giving sneak peaks of the new éS models that are floating around on the Instagram hash #sk8shoewars – if you have access to that intel… a bit more interesting than new colourways of these already aging models.

  3. Tyler Dombrowski

    March 21, 2015 6:25pm

    Dude… this is the happiest news I’ve seen in a while

  4. Terrance Fraenkel

    April 18, 2015 2:59pm

    Im glad to see Es’ come back into the skate footwear world, Es’ was one of the top selling and functioning skate shoes of the early 2000s I ordered this shoe from active ride shop, and I see nothing but great positive things in the Es accelerate and im also happy to see more thin cupsoled on the market these days big fan big supporter

  5. Chris

    September 25, 2015 4:00pm

    Feels like im 14 again.So glad ES came back. Ive had more pairs of ES then any other skate shoe brand I can think of. Its going to be interesting to see the new school kids wearing the OG accel with todays weird ass skate fashion.


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