Team Changes: Leaving The E, No Room For Me

Or is Tyler on HUF? Is Gilbert an honorable Canadian? Too many questions, zero answers, tons of guesses.

Or is Tyler on HUF? Is Gilbert an honorable Canadian? Too many questions, zero answers, tons of guesses. Just the way we like it.

As no stranger to weed, looks like Tyler Bledsoe might’ve forgotten that he’s on Etnies. The mind-blowing ledge technician looks to have filled Miles Silva’s void on Lakai and can been seen rocking what looks like the Griffin’s or Alvarez’. Nice connect via Fourstar as we can only image. Strange to think that this was only a year ago. Maybe this is why Etnies only gives out colorways and not pro models.

It’s no surprise but seeing how there’s been no official press release, Jack Curtin can officially call New Balance Numeric home. He’s been found in countless clips skating the newly hi-jacked PJ Stratford. Could he be next in line after having one of the best selling skate shoes of all time? Only time will tell, but we don’t know anyone who would be mad at a Jack pro model. Plus, he’s got some solid moves- both on and off the board.

Nick Tucker looks to have dipped outta Supra homie flow and is on Nike SB homie flow…but the real question is: Does he have to ask PRod every time he wants a box? Also, big ups to Primitive for going with the “Sex Sells” direction. Works every time

Whoever is continuing to put Adidas on KT’s feet, keep up the solid work. The God might not be getting on their heavily stacked squad full time but an extra box to flip from time to time never hurt anyone. Buy his pro board asap from the OG’s at Noc.

Word on the street is Reynold’s is already working on another pro model with August B from Emerica. Based on how much he’s been skating his last pro shoe, something tells us he might not be looking to fall in love with something else but who knows… There’s definitely been a pro out there that’s been like “Nah, I don’t want another pro model. Fuck what the Sales Team is saying”.

In unrelated shoe news, Team Handsome keeps winning. Can we plz start calling Dylan “Mr. steal your girl”? There’s no certifiable evidence of such event taking place but it’s a respectable fitting nickname to say the least.

We found proof of the first dope looking Globe shoe but it’s probably because it looks like Heath’s old motorcycle boot. Don’t fret, we think Louie’s shoe is dope but can Globe ever comeback after going “full cruiser” on the world? Probably not, especially being sold here.

With the warmer weather coming any day now, a slew of all White Shoes have been released. Full report on that soon but just know that they should be blessing your feet asap. Nothing better than some scuffed leather white shoes. Think Rowley back in the “Really Sorry” days. Ugh! That first line, can’t beat it.

Can someone tell us if we’re reading too in between the lines? Is Emerica re-releasing MJ’s shoe again? (Doubtful 🙁 ) Does he still get royalties if so? He’ll be on that “I got two shoe sponsor checks coming in” Jovontae flow, if so.

Lastly, we asked you all to guess which shoe DC model is re-releasing in our last Agenda Sneak Peek. If you read the comments section, someone got it right and we’ve got the photos of said reissue too. Why don’t we just release the image already? Shrugs. <3


  1. Oliver

    February 11, 2015 12:01pm

    Yes please to the Emerica MJ if they release the slimmer original version. I have OG-1’s and whilst I love see them on my shelf, they almost twice the size of the original, tongue’s absolutely huge!

  2. fourtwo

    February 11, 2015 12:31pm

    My local Nike SB reseller told me the BA Project would be discontinued (it simply disappeared from the next collections brochures), although he confirmed it is a rather good selling shoe. Any clue about this? Thanks

  3. al

    February 13, 2015 4:17am

    Nick Tucker never suited supra anyway


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