RL Recommends: New Balance Numeric Logan-S 636

NB#'S Logan-S 636 in Black & Gold

NB#’S Logan-S 636 in Black & Gold

For those of you who tried NB# initial release of footwear, you were pleasantly surprised by a tightly fitting shoe when ordering your true size. Most were infuriated and it could’ve easily tanked any other brand with the growing pains that NB# had. Luckily, with the care, concern, and feedback that NB# received from consumers, they were forced back to the drawing board to fix the most essential part of footwear- a proper fit.

Once they revamped their footwear in-house and away from Black Box dist, NB# was able to work with their already stellar resources at New Balance, alongside their head designer Kelly Kikuta. Since then, we can now confirm that their sizing is finally true to size with a pair of early Logan-S 636’s. As a continuation of the Logan timeline, the Logan-S 636 is the more relaxed version of the two. With the 636, the upper is made up of reinforced mesh and pig suede. If not pig suede (if we’re not mistaken), it’s made up of a thicker suede that’s completely unconventional in skateboarding, but in a good way. It doesn’t necessarily distract or take away from the aesthetic, but some people have show some worry about its thickness. Where they find themselves uneasy with it, we’re embracing it with the pros in mind. A thicker suede obviously means a stronger shoe, and with the paneled toe in mind, anyone willing to try this model will need it.

POV of the rounded toe and paneling on the Logan-S 636.

POV of the rounded toe and paneling on the Logan-S 636.

Fit: True To Size.
Support: A EVA insole and Revlite midsole make this incredibly light and cushy.
Flick: With a panel toe cap and pig suede in place, this rounded toe flies off the board effortlessly.
Grip: Strategically placed patterns to cater to specifically wear-areas (it actually works).
Sole: Revlite sole is placed on the mid to heel portion of the entire shoe while the forefoot is covered with traditional rubber.

From the skating that we’ve been permitted to do when it wasn’t snowing a couple of inches, we can absolutely say that these new NB# skate shoes are a huge improvement than what we were presented with back in 2013-14. With that out of the way, the mesh paneling adds a different touch and aesthetic to the shoe altogether. As the mesh is strategically placed in certain places, the shoe itself (being a cupsole) flexes and skates like a vulcanized skate shoe. The other component allowing this is the use of NB’s infamous Revlite technology. In fact, this Logan-S 636 has to be one of the lightest cupsole’s we’ve ever had the pleasure of skating because of it. The boardfeel still mirrors that of a cupsole, but the lightweight element of the shoe will remind you of a vulcanized shoe. The tread pattern is made up of a softer outsole that hasn’t easily burned out/balded out on us thus far.

Most of you might’ve already guessed it but the mesh paneling is somewhat of a con. Here’s why: when flexing either foot into the ollie position, the mesh caves in and looks displeasing. While that isn’t the largest disadvantage, skateboarder’s are among the most pickiest creatures on earth and we’re willing to bet that this would throw some consumers off from purchasing this shoe. The only other disadvantage that we can think of is its $95 price point but if the pig/thick suede continues to hold up as well as it already has, then you can completely disregard it as a con. The shape of the shoe itself might be considered bulky in some people’s eyes but again, that’s mainly based off of perception and personal preference than anything else.

More on the Logan-S 636 as the warmer weather comes to light. What’s your take on NB#’s revamp? Are you impressed with their improvements or are they the same to you?


  1. Owlan

    February 20, 2015 7:44am

    When do these release?

  2. Tom L

    February 20, 2015 8:15am

    They look so sick…except the price. Yikes…keeps me away from NB# every time!!!! They look so dope to skate in though, and the new pj ladd types are sick too.

  3. Tyler Dombrowski

    February 20, 2015 11:14pm

    Man, those are some excellent looking shoes! Super clean & attractive design. I’m getting a pair for sure and even though I’ll skate ’em, I feel that while they are new you could really impress a date with their smoothness. It actually is pretty unique and man, it’s getting me stoked to do some heelflips!!! #heelflipsFTW

  4. Bakingsoda

    February 21, 2015 4:32pm

    Way too overpriced for skateboarders….but beautiful

  5. Rick Howard

    February 21, 2015 10:03pm

    I am sorry, they can rework and revamp but looking at a New Balance skate shoe is not pleasing. I want to like New Balance, I went to a New Balance Store and I can’t find one shoe I think any of my skater friends want to wear. Nike, Converse, Adidas, Puma, Where are my skate brands at. There might seem to be a lot of hate here. I do like the diversity in skateboarding. The more skate shoes the better. Some people might dig them, they are just not my style. Reynolds 1 and any Ed Templeton shoe.

  6. Lloyd schlomer

    February 23, 2015 8:05pm

    In love with that vintage new balance look! 95 dollars is such a bummer

  7. tomisrad

    July 11, 2016 5:56am

    So I got a grey pair, all suede on sale out the door $61. Fit pretty snug off the bat, and stiff but comfortable and roomy for wide feet. They fit kind of small, so I went a half size up from normal and they seem good. These fit completely differently from the Court 212. I mean they should being a completely different shoe, but the Courts run like Converse, you go down a half size. These you go up, so best to try them on in your local shop if they have them. I will let you all know how they skate once I break them in!


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