Revisiting An Ex: Savier Footwear

Before this article, there was this Collector's Stash. Photo's courtesy of @Metreyodalf

Before this article, there was this Collector’s Stash. Shoe photo’s courtesy of @Metreyodalf’s collection.

In an age of triple stitched toe boxes, and exposed seems a-plenty, a company emerged to stake their claim as the antithesis of such designs, and Savier was their name. Savier set out to get rid of most vulnerabilities other shoes of the early 2000’s were flawed with, and do it with a very unique, sometimes futuristic style. They liked to utilize the one piece toe design with no exposed stitches during a time when we still had layers of patches of panels everywhere. Two years into their creation Nike threw some money at them, and helped them open the door to the technology that would allow them to pull off some of their wild design aesthetics. That partnership also laid the foundation for future relationships with the likes of Brad Staba, Brian Anderson and Stefan Janoski, who would soon be swoosh-bound.

A pair of Saviers stuck out on the shoe wall, and left an impression on the early 2000’s crowd as it was the beginning of higher quality materials and construction in the skate shoe world. It was also another early rumbling of what was to come from the major corporations that are currently running today’s show. Savier ran an interesting ad campaign, and once had an ad that didn’t have any shoes in it at all, but instead featured the Terwilliger-esque barefoot of our beloved Street Pirate pushing a tiny board down a smooth path. They also ran a tour in the early days where they GAVE out free shoes to anyone who surrendered their old, busted, shoes to them. They’d come strapped with 100 or so assorted models to give out to kids suffering from a severe case of the blown-panel, a very powerful marketing tool that no one has ever tried to attempt since. They even had a line of sometimes wild looking backpacks that included a tasteful take on the G-Bag.

In the midst of all of their well known technical offerings, there are a few that are worth highlighting for still possibly being able to blend right in with today’s offerings:

Savier's Sherman Model

Savier’s Sherman Model

A team favorite that BA and SJ wore heavily in some of their most influential parts, this shoe was missing all the technical flare that Savier was known for, and that was the beauty of it. An early example of a mostly one-piece construction, years before it would become the norm. Under that toe piece was a plastic shell so the entire toe box kept it’s shape, you’d lose the outer rubber and toe before you encountered any blowout in the toe area. If you’re looking to get a pair these days, be careful of Japanese bootlegs!

Savier's Fulton

Savier’s Fulton

The Fulton was one of the few “traditional” designs towards the end of Savier’s life. Plenty of panels, plenty of stitching, and they didn’t have the same NASA-like qualities other models had. During a time where Dunk Hi SB’s and sneakerhead syndrome was in full swing, Savier had one of their last hits on their hands. The Fulton could easily be mistaken as a Supra model or even a pair of Cons to today’s standards. They also marked the first (and not the last) time that there was a Habitat logo on a pair of shoes.

The Story, by Tim O'Connor, From Savier.

The Story, by Tim O’Connor, From Savier.

Tim O’Connor’s second pro model looks like it was designed to foreshadow Tim’s future sponsor moves, as it seems to draw direct influence from something that could have three stripes on it. Today’s generation would be psyched to see the rubber toe cap, while the older gods would feel satisfied with the tried and true black/white/gum colorway that miraculously looks good on almost any shoe that sports it. This shoe had the unique characteristic of having a written story imprinted on the soles of both shoes, a story about what we could do to improve the human body put only in the words of Tim. But the most daring fact about this model was the font decision to write the story on the bottom of the shoe in Sand Bereau… aka CKY2K font.

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Written by Brendan Spohn.


  1. daddy long legs

    February 27, 2015 6:21am

    There’s this racing lifestyle clothing brand I like called fatlace I found out the other day they did a collab with savier I think in 2002 and it looked pretty rad, I would of bought a few pairs if they were released today. Nike needs to release a savier theme shoe pack with some savier based colorways and logos on current nike shoes. If they released a savier dunk or project ba, I would buy them,

  2. allaner

    February 27, 2015 5:25pm

    Nice article. I actually liked their shoes, i found a local store that had a sale i kept coming back getting the following pairs from Savier: Division, BA 2 (Brian Anderson’s 2nd pro), Prescott, The Story (2 pairs), Staba, Cooper, Quimby and some else i can’t remember now.

    I hope Nike re-releases them soon.

  3. Moon

    February 27, 2015 6:28pm

    I always thought that those Habitat collab were I-Paths…

  4. dav

    February 27, 2015 10:38pm

    personal favorite was the tim oconnor pro model that was a clone of the nike air trainer, which nike made as an sb not long after savier went out of business.

    also gravis did the trade in thing but it was before they found their image and were trading for the original arto Vikings which nobody wanted at the time

  5. Tom L

    February 28, 2015 9:04pm

    loved the raleighs in blue and grey. best shoe ever

  6. dtj

    February 28, 2015 9:42pm

    I remember buying ‘the story’ and John Rattrays shoe off the sale racks multiple times for under 30bucks. At one point ccs was even selling B.A. models for under $40. My feet were never happier…

  7. Thomas Harding

    March 2, 2015 2:37pm

    For years, I could have sworn The Story was made by another company (“Fuze” is what I’m thinking, which I thought Pat Duffy was on, but now i don’t know what to believe). I remember an ad in Skateboarder around 2001/02 that had one half of The Story for you to read (i.e., a photo of the left sole) and you could read the other half only by buying the shoes. Which were nearly impossible to find of course. Though, obviously, I was looking for the wrong brand anyway.

  8. Oliver

    March 3, 2015 11:55am

    I still have my all black Anderson’s, amazing shoes if a bit bulky, those Story’s look awesome.

  9. Jay Hova Trommas

    April 7, 2015 2:52pm

    Savier sucked back in the day, it was just Nike trying to get in skateboardings back door, they made hideous shoes and nobody liked or skated them. I like how steeze balls try to re-write history and act like they were all about the brand.

    • Thomas

      June 26, 2015 7:24am

      Yes, you are correct. Thank goodness not everyone has rose-tinted spectacles. Savier = Nike’s Trojan Horse into skateboarding.

  10. Fred

    June 2, 2015 9:43am

    Wow ! I just re-read the article and saw the credit for … Stocked !
    Thanks a lot ! Most of the pics on the tumblr are internet found, so thanks to the respective owners of the shoes !

  11. Brian rice

    February 15, 2018 11:18pm

    Ha digging the trucked old will


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