RL Recommends: Converse KA3 Pro Model

At an undisclosed location, skating the Cons KA3.

At an undisclosed location, skating and testing the CONS KA3.

When you’re as beautiful and gifted on a skateboard as Kenny Anderson, you can pretty much do anything you want. With the power that Kenny possess, he could come out with a brown paper bag upper on his latest pro model and we’re almost positive that it would sell out instantly- so long as he was found doing 1 stylish trick in it. Fortunate for everyone, leather is becoming the hit sensation it once was in skateboarding and because of it, the KA3’s vulcanize construction is a lot stronger than you’d expect it to be. 

Kenny’s 3rd pro model comes after a slew of successful and proven models from Converse. His fusion of cupsole & vulcanized was appreciated in his first CONS pro model but was gone too soon :(. His 2nd pro model came in a bulkier body and thankfully, word has it that it’s going to continue being produced, even as his 3rd pro models hits skate shops worldwide.

The real difference in his 3rd model is its simplistic nature. This chukka silhouette has been the missing piece from CONS skate line and is essential to any backbone of a skate brand. Of all the details on this otherwise simple shoe, its the Gusseted tongue that keeps the shoe snug to your foot at all times. It’s also because of this Gusseted tongue that you can optionally chose to wear the KA3 with or without laces, like a slip-on. It isn’t necessarily designed to be worn like this, but once the shoe’s wear down, you might as well give in and relax in them momentarily.

Additional photos of Kenny's outsole and gusetted tongue on our IG.

Additional photos of Kenny’s outsole and gusetted tongue on our IG.

All the Info you need to know about the KA3:
Regardless of its narrow fit, you’ll find yourself going with a half size down. Meaning, if you’re a traditional 9, get a 8.5 in the KA3 (as with all Converse shoes).

Due to the soft leather, they are skate-able out of the box.
Disclaimer: this doesn’t actually mean that they break-in right away though. To get the KA3’s to fully break-in, it’ll take you anywhere from 1-2 days for the pressure of the stitched panels to recede (for those of you who skate Janoski’s, think back to when you initially get them).

The KA3’s vulcanized construction come with a Lunarlon footbed to boast. It matches the density of the thinner Lunarlon insoles, that typically come within the Weapon Skate for those who are familiar. Board feel is pretty pretty good.

Surprisingly great flick for a leather shoe. The Vamp is lowered to the point where the foxing on the sole takes the initial blow of wear. Regardless of this, the rubber sole is soft enough to slide effortlessly off the board- but not gouge the material itself.

More info and wear details to come on the CONS KA3. From what we hear, Kenny’s got some stylish maneuvers coming out on Wednesday which ties in with the release of his 3rd pro model so keep an eye out.


  1. Xavier Green

    January 13, 2015 11:58pm


    • Fun Skateboards

      January 17, 2015 12:53am

      The white gum ones are sick but the gum color is a little too orangish, the browner darker gum sole color would be perfect


    December 31, 2016 7:11am

    Skate Shoe That Left Too Soon

  3. tae

    June 8, 2017 7:04pm

    I dunno, I’m a 9.5 US, i got these and its a 10. Converse has the most weird sizing in shoes. Nike hasnt fixed that. And it is still being sold where I’m from. Malls, converse stores etc.


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