Agenda Sneak Peek: Emerica Figueroa – Fall’15

Emerica’s latest pro model isn’t turning heads and isn’t trying to break the mold with a unique design that’ll promise you your deepest desire. Its a shoe that’s purely designed for skateboarding without too many bells or whistles hanging around the exterior. In fact, its the interior that has all the bells and whistles you’re looking for.

As most of you may have noticed from his testimonial, Figgy’s credited Leo with designing one of his favorite shoes so naturally, he didn’t want to stray away from what worked when it came time to design his pro model. With its versatility lying inside, it should provide no distractions when you’re looking down moments before popping your tricks.

Figgy's colorway collection for Fall'15 - $59.99

Figgy’s colorway collection for Fall’15 – $59.99

More over, it appears that we’re entering a new stage of “tech” footwear- a more subtle version if you will, not like that of the early 2000’s. One that has an average aesthetic but a superior interior with everything you’re looking for in a skate shoe. Some agree with this while others are actually upset with the lackluster design. Regardless as to where you stand with this shoe’s design, you can rest assure that Figgy is looking to win you over with a shoe that he loves. If his dedication on his board mirrors that of his first pro model, you might find yourself won over by the time his MADE part drops. And if that’s not the case (not likely), you might find yourself attracted to them because of their extremely reasonable price point of $59.99. Relatively the cheapest pro model to come out in quite sometime. Especially when others are costing upwards of $135. Ya’ll skater’s hit the lotto or something? Peep the chill colorway. Goes good with that vintage vest you’ve been looking for.

Btw, with that MADE line up in place, it looks like Kevin Spanky Long is going to be categorized next to Bastien any day now.


  1. Ian

    January 23, 2015 2:25am

    G6 or no G6? That is my question…

  2. Noah

    January 23, 2015 3:27am

    The Figgy pro model looks amazing, because of it’s simplicity. Love that he put a Licra sockliner inside. This is what I’m looking for, simple, functional, skateable right away. Plus, with a wife and 2 little boys, that 59.99 price tag is lookin good!

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  3. Anderson

    January 23, 2015 5:14am

    Both the upper and the sole remind me so much of the Nike SB Koston 1 mixed in with some Emerica Laced detailing. It looks really simple without being cheap. And it’s a real slip-on cupsole skate shoe with a solid tread pattern! This looks promising.

  4. Prophet Monkey

    January 23, 2015 7:18am

    The laceholes will scratch your griptape.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    January 23, 2015 2:22pm

    How’s the heel lock?

    • Matt

      January 26, 2015 3:56pm

      The heel lock is real good. I have big feet with narrow heels and my heels hardly ever slip out and I wear them without laces. The cushion around the ankle helps it a lot compared to the laced and there is a really solid/stiff heel counter.

  6. allaner

    January 23, 2015 6:02pm

    The sidewalls look a lot like the nike sb zoom janoskis, cupsole version. I think it looks durable, and its affordable.

  7. concerned citizen

    January 23, 2015 9:32pm

    How’s the heel lock on this? Loved the Hermans, tried the black suede huf stutters but the heel lock was non-existent.