2015 Predictions – Comeback Men: Bastien Salabanzi

2015 looks like the "Comeback" year for most older pro skaters.

2015 looks like the “Comeback” year for most older pro skaters.

The burden/blessing of skateboarding has many states of recoil for those willing to participate in its dangerous/equally fun activity. On one end, it’s like no other physical activity out there and on the other end, it can potentially suck the life out of you in your later years unless you follow the Boss’ guidelines. Conditioning has never been important in skateboarding and it probably never will (because then we’d all have to admit that its a sport) and so long as that’s the case, the thing that we love most will continue to batter our bodies.

With that in mind, its astounding that we’re seeing more comebacks in 2015 than we have witnessed since Guy Mariano beat his difficult past. He’s served as inspiration for any person in his position but considering all that he’s comeback from, its easier said than done.

Clearly, with his recent addition on Primitive Skateboards, Bastien Salabanzi is the epitome of this series of articles. For those who’re familiar with his career trajectory, you’re well aware of his up’s and downs. He was once the top pro in skateboarding and to a more relatable degree for those unfamiliar with him, the “Nyjah” of his time. A young, fearless teenager with the skill of effortless skateboarding on his side. He was throwing down NBD’s left and right on any given day. More over, he controlled the competitive side of skateboarding as well. Whereas Nyjah subscribes to the more conservative side of skateboarding, Bastian was no holds bar. Examples like celebrating his own tricks and jumping into the crowd during competitions would solidify the idea that he had already won without using the full amount of time on the clock. His fall from the top was just as abrupt as his reign to the top, completely out of no where.

With his recent addition to skateboarding’s newest deck brand, 2015 appears to be the year of the “Comeback Kids Men”. Other notable names have already started their unbelievable return, which is shocking more than anything. Especially considering that once you hit your mid 20’s, it’s the equivalent of entering professional baseball in your 40’s. There’s no crystal ball that can tell us whether Bastien still has “it” but if his recent clips for Primitive are any indication of what’s to come, then we wouldn’t bet against him. With all these recent developments, is there room for Bastien to get a well earned spot on a reputable shoe brand? He’s clearly past the “flow-bro” phase. Also, we’d love to see him on something new. Not a shoe sponsor that he’s already had. It’s only right if he’s not on Flip and all, might as well start fresh on all ends…

More 2015 Prediction articles to come. We weren’t wrong in 2014 sooooooo…..


  1. Eric

    January 20, 2015 7:56pm


  2. Oliver

    January 23, 2015 8:59am

    I think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs that ‘Conditioning has never been important in skateboarding’, I just read of Reynolds routine and thought that if allows me to skate for longer then that has to be a good thing, no? Do people really care that much if it’s seen as a sport or not?

  3. allaner

    January 23, 2015 6:05pm

    Glad he’s back. loved his Vans Tag XLT along with the Rowley XLT.

  4. Nayte

    May 6, 2015 2:02am

    Bring back Wenning!!


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