What You Made Us Do: Pt 2 – Skating Non-Skate Shoes

Onitsuka Tiger Hulse Model.

Onitsuka Tiger Hulse Model.

The tides of the skate shoe game are constantly changing. Whether that statement is new to you or as evident as the sky being blue, the revolt against stagnant designs and tired marketing campaigns is growing with each passing day. If the comment section within this past article didn’t make it obvious enough, other articles like Connor’s unorthodox skate shoe collection and Matt Town’s video parts continue to sway the vote against core (and corpo) brands. Let it be known that the purchasing decisions of these individuals aren’t to void the efforts of those few core brands out there with good intentions, it’s just a matter of said products not speaking to the majority of skaters. And as a result, that’s where this revolution is sprouting from.

While some internet message board pundits are as silly and close-minded as most, there are few who are sometimes spot on. “Core companies are trying to sell out and Corporate companies are trying to be core” is the true context of this article and exemplifies the current state of skate footwear better than anything else we could come up with. This current scenario mirrors the all too familiar sight of seeing parents divorce, and of having to choose a side. In most cases, said child or you, the consumers in this case, want nothing to do with either. The pressure of having to choose a side to represent and fight for is tiring and unwanted, especially when you’re spending your hard earned dollars to begin with. In this case, it leaves many skaters with the only option of choosing to stay neural. Neutral in this case represents shopping at you local department shoe store.

Not only is this decision less costly, its practically harmless to the consumer that doesn’t care enough about the politics within skateboarding. They just want to ride their board without any precedent or political stance. It’s for these reasons that we’ve decided to try and understand what’s on the other side of our only two choices in skating: Core & Corporate. That choice being to #SupportYourLocalDepartmentStore.

In the coming days, we’ll report back with the results of skating a shoe with zero ties to skating. The results of the same review format that we’ve been following with all of our reviews, except this time we’ll be skating Onitsuka Tiger’s Hulse. We’ve mentioned them in the past and have since been pondering why we’re seeing more Onitsuka Tiger’s on skater’s feet as a result. Whether it’s because they’re aesthetically beautiful or the fact that they serve as no threat to the skate world is undetermined but clearly, people like Erik Deringer from Coma Brand seem to be enjoying their functionality nonetheless – with ease. We’ll be back with our results sometime this week. Brb.


  1. jasminder

    November 18, 2014 5:00am

    hopefully i will live to see nike leave skateboarding. if it does im throwing a party

    • Ian

      November 19, 2014 5:03am

      They won’t leave until there isn’t enough profit, which isn’t coming soon. Nike just stated that they are not making snowboard boots after this season (due to profit not being as large as they would like), and will be putting the resources from snowboard division into SB

  2. Stef

    November 18, 2014 9:31pm


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