Coexisting w/ Pedestrians, Our Favorite Moments – Pt3

Possibly the most popular interaction between a skaterboarder and a pedestrian w/ over 4 million views.

Possibly the most popular interaction between a skateboarder and a pedestrian w/ over 4 million views. Article by: Farran G.

No one is safe from an overly concerned pedestrian. Their worries over that planter you might not ollie correctly or the fact that you’re scratching up a ledge they enjoy stretching on before their morning run generates all and any need to interfere with something that has nothing to do with you. Keep your eyes peeled y’all.

Heath Kirchart – This Is Skateboarding
This classic opener from Emerica’s “This Is Skateboarding” serves as a perfect reminder that even when security guards are unreasoning assholes, that keeping cool and being polite can still lead to better results. If you’re yet to experience this first hand, next time you get the boot from a spot, take notes from here; spouting off and running your mouth is pointless. So you may as well have some fun. Be nice, take the high ground and one of two things may happen, the guy might see reason but in the event of getting the power trip security guard encountered here, at least you can leave the spot chuckling at how much you’ve just pissed someone off; having instantly poured cold water on their brief power boner. The innocence in Heath’s tone of voice as he replies “When did I get hostile?” is always the first thing that comes in any kick-off scenario I encounter, but I still won’t be following it by jumping down a twenty stair hubba in the middle of the night.

Dom Henry, Live Skateboard Media – Almost Collison
First off, we’re also giving a nod to the line at 1:07 as the backside nollie switch nose wheelie which could easily have resulted in a collision. All the way through this part the technical blitz continues on blocks that are usually a minimum of knee height. The real highlight of this clip (and one of the best lines) takes place at 0:47. Where after delivering a not often seen nollie front board and proceeding to absolutely tank it, Dom speeds past a child, much to his surprise, ending the line and icing the cake with a switch pop shove nosegrind. Think back of all those times you’ve had to cut what could’ve been such a perfect run short because some moron got in the way. The initial reaction is obvious, dismount your trusty board and hurl abuse and profanities at the perpetrator (a la Wieger in Oververt). Next time, think of this and just keep blasting forwards.

Jason Dill, Mosaic – Adlibbed Hobo
Ah, back in the day was Dill was slightly less insane. The chances are, and we aren’t judging as some of us at Ripped Laces are guilty of this too, that the first time you witnessed this you thought the homeless guy had been mic’d up. This one really speaks for itself but perhaps we might even see the hobo on an F.A. deck in the future, I mean given the recent power move of Mr. Iannucci making his way over to Fucking Awesome, we wouldn’t rule it out…

Jason Dill, ‘Buddy’ – Shared Pastimes…
Yes, again.
Say what you want about Dill, but in a sense he’s like the Morrissey of skateboarding and there’s more to this than the fact they are both either fanatically loved or completely hated. What I also mean by this is: I love Morrissey, I could listen to his groans of how England is mine and it owes me a living for forever and even more so when it accompanies amazing skateboarding like it frequently does. Similarly I can enjoy listening to Dill’s amusing and enigmatic interview responses just as much. Despite my adoration though, I imagine both would be slightly unpleasant to spend any great deal of time with. Morrissey is not a people person and evening dinner with Dill would probably consist of him chain smoking and talking about how Upriver some scientologists are, and whilst I’d completely agree, I think Dill would insist that I really don’t understand, y’know, because he’s WAY more downriver than I am… Both are also men who are honest with their flaws, unashamedly fine with letting the world see them for whom they are. Whereas Morrissey flaunts his resentful nature and declares openly he bears more grudges than lonely high court judges, Dill’s colored past with substance issues are also not something he’s afraid of admitting, as seen in this perfect example.

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  1. Sky

    November 25, 2014 2:37pm

    You guys should inject this one of everyones favorite faux Wu-tang member Billy Rohan entitled, “New York Clip 17 – Billy Rohan’s Midtown” by “slap skateboard magazine” on youtube. Rohan nearly collides with a pedestrian standing at the bottom of a ledge he was trying to trick off of. Unfortunately he almost lands on the wrong guy. A macho ego, tough guy new yorker that threatens to kick his ass and won’t leave the spot.

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  2. nelson flores

    November 26, 2014 6:55pm

    how about the beginning of Kurt winter’s part in digital smoke and mirrors.