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HUF Classic Hi

HUF Classic Hi

As we put it before, the HUF Classic’s (either Lo or Hi) have more than enough potential to be your favorite skate shoe of 2014. Its simple design and overwhelming following have had more and more people curious as to how they skate. So long as you’re not looking for the largest set of stairs to skate, the Classic’s really could be your favorite skate shoe of 2014.

Initial Fit & Feel
The Classic Hi’s are true to size. With a skinny silhouette, the fit is different than other HUF models, such as the Genuine and the very quickly ‘out-of-print’ Tahoe. While the Classic Hi has a skinny feel, nowhere in the shoe does the slim nature of the shoe cause discomfort or pressure. If anything, the Classic Hi (in both the shape of the sole and the overall look) is reminiscent of a Chuck. The shoe is thin, all around, with no true means of protection. The shoe and tongue are both canvas backed hunks of suede, as complex as a simple shoe like the Classic Hi could be. These shoes break-in very quickly and are comfortable, comparable to the comfort of other thin silhouettes on the market produced by Vans, Converse, and Nike.

Toe & Flick
It’s unbelievable. The rubber toe resurgence/dominance in the skate shoe market may be the greatest thing about new skate footwear in 2014 (whether the shoes are meant for skateboarding or meant for playing tennis). The flick on the Classic’s are fantastic. The soft rubber on the toe catches the grip nicely and your flip tricks will feel stellar. And for all you heelflippers out there, that rubber on the back of the shoe ain’t just for the style bonus.

The First 5 Hours of the Classic's Hi rubber toe

The First 5 Hours of skating w/ the Classic Hi rubber toe

Sole & Grip
This is undoubtedly everyone’s biggest question with this shoe from the moment it was unveiled: What is the deal with that sole? Barely any tread? No pattern at all on the toe or the heel? Well fear not, it grips well. The sole of the shoe is soft enough that it can do battle against that black sheet of sandpaper we all know and love. Sure, this tread could wear fast, but seeing as how the shoe utilizes a softer outsole than most, the grip of the shoe will last. As far as the sole mushing out, more sessions will be the only way to answer this question. Whereas that question needs more skating in order to answer, we’ve stumbled upon an answer that most weren’t expecting from such minimal skating. The Classic utilizes a unique bonding method to create the shape and look it has. The rubber toe cap and outsole are in unison and then the additional foxing tape is added to the already formed outsole. The only problem with this is that it leaves the foxing tape vulnerable to separation from the sole after heel dragging out of every fearful roll up. Now, if you’re as confident as a professional skater, you won’t have this problem but the reality of the situation is that you will unwillingly participate. The damage isn’t as terrible as it appears, after all the Classic still functions and is weathering the storm with ease, but we can understand how this would be a breaking point for those who were interested in the Classics.

The first day of skating these was all low impact skating. Ledges, transition, and flatground. All three of those categories are ideal for the Classic’s. On the other hand, jumping down stairs- not so much. Until then, it hadn’t really resonated how thin the actual shoe was. The Classic Hi’s stock insole is fair, but depending on your preferences, the thin forefoot area of the insole will either gain your love or hate. After skating stairs and pushing dozens of blocks through Midtown and Downtown, some discomfort was found in the forefoot area. For those of you with the same problem, you can simply swap out the stock insole for one of your choice. The ankle support of the Classic Hi is fantastic for a shoe as thin as this latest HUF offering. Comparatively, the Classic’s beat Cons CTS with their reinforced suede and upper. Ultimately, the sturdy fit of the Classic’s were the winning component.

-Rubber toe provides a great flick.
-High nature of the shoe provides great ankle support.
-Triangle HUF patch on the tongue gives you special powers ;).
-Durable suede upper.

-Tongue moves from side to side while skating (unless you tie the laces all the way up).
-Depending on your own skating, laces are prone to rip real easily.
-Stock insole is thick in the back, very thin in the forefoot area.
-If your feet sweat a lot, it’s pretty easy to tell in these.
-Thin upper means if your board hits your foot, its gonna hurt.

S/O to @ConcernedParent for skating these with us.


  1. TheGingerTreat

    October 6, 2014 1:51am

    Whats the stock insole made of? Stratus foam or similar to the Dylans PU insole?

  2. Prophet Monkey

    October 6, 2014 6:00am

    Sorry, but $85 for this shoe are a joke.

  3. hartpijn

    October 6, 2014 2:52pm

    i won these shoes in one of their giveaways and after three weeks of skating them the sole completely fell apart. they were great while they lasted and the upper of the shoe was still fully intact, but it’s really disappointing that i had to retire them this early

  4. TwelvesNY

    October 6, 2014 3:14pm

    We want more @concernedparent writing!

  5. Chris

    October 6, 2014 10:33pm

    I’ve rolled my ankles 30 plus times a piece. All I want now in my mid 30’s is a decent pair of suede, vulc, hightops for ankle support and board feel. I want to stay away from sk8 hi’s and blazers. So it’s down to these and the rare lakai Telford vulc. Being that I football lace my high tops do these have good ankle support?? Thanks.

    • Ripped Laces

      October 6, 2014 11:51pm

      You’re not alone with the football lacing Chris. We’re sure you’ve been made fun of the same way some of our contributors have but when you’ve fucked your ankles as many times as we have, you’re gonna pick function over fashion. Being that we “football” laced these as well, we have to say, they held our foot together a lot better than we expected. Although thin, the material is sturdy enough to wrap around your foot and ankle. So long as you lace them tight (why wouldn’t you?) they’ll provide some great protection. Giving but not TOO giving material.

  6. Reese Proctor

    January 20, 2015 5:17am

    How do these compare with the lows? Should I invest with the ankle support or are the lows fine? Just trying to save 5 bucks.


    April 9, 2015 10:49pm

    im a size 10 on the Dylans but a size 9 on converse, what size would you recommend for these

  8. james

    August 11, 2015 12:31am

    ive had the lows and the highs. I rolled my ankle pretty bad in the lows. however, in the hi’s i had some pretty close calls to rolling my ankle but the hightop and durable suede saved my ankles. The suede is durable but the outsoles do not last that long. The new classics have a gum sole which apparently lasts longer.

  9. Steven

    May 14, 2016 12:31am

    are the toe part supposed to be tight at first


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