PJ Ladd Skating In Accels, Reincarnated in Euro Form

The pants, the shoes, the trick. All reminiscent of perfection.

The pants, the shoes, the trick. All reminiscent of perfection.

There’s an overall consensus that PJ Ladd’s “Wonderful Horrible Life” is the best technical skate part of all time (depending on the person you’re talking to & what generation they were born in). Well, as do you, we desperately miss seeing curly-haired PJ skating in Accels. Especially after their return back into the market this year. Naturally, if a skate-centric genie came up to us and asked us what our wish would be, it’d be to have PJ back in Accels but that’ll never happen. With that in mind, here’s as close as we’ll get to watching him skate in our favorite puffy shoe. #PuffySkateShoeComeback

While endlessly scouring our timeline on IG, someone had linked us a certain IG account. On this IG account was a young man demonstrating his flawless flatground skills on video. While that doesn’t sound so impressive, considering every kid with an iPhone thinks he’s Ty Evans, this video was different because said person was skating in the new-old Accels.

Disclaimer: Now before you go off on a tangent that sounds like “this dude isn’t even 1% like PJ, fuck this site” followed by some normal slur you’d see on YouTube, know that we’re comparing him to PJ simply because he’s technically as close as we’ll get to witnessing PJ’s skating in Accels. Baggy pants, curly hair, etc. The resemblance is greater than fair, at best. Plus, regardless of NB#’s silence within the past few months, they have no plans of letting him go (p.s. he’s probably just starting to skate his NB# pro model but we didn’t tell you that, shh).

Whether you agree or disagree with our POV, the sentiments are still the same. He’s skating flatground, in Accels and he’s popping and catching the majority of his tricks with PJ-like precision. This native Croatian’s name is Dino Coce and this is his only pair of éS  Accels. Before questioning him about why he’s skating in Accel’s rather than saving them like every other person we’ve encountered, we were under the impression that he was skating them due to his surplus stock. Turns out, his pair of Accel’s were a birthday gift and they weren’t going to be worshiped in a shrine, like the rest of us have. We asked Dino about his transition back into skating old skate shoes and he’s what he had to say.


Because they were gone for so long, what shoes were you skating before éS announced their classic Accel’s return to the world?
I was skating Lakai MJ’s, Emerica Reynold’s, lots of Dekline, 1 pair of Globe Mahalo’s & 3 pairs of Etnies Marana’s. But now that I’m skating éS again, I wanna save em.

Once you were aware of their release, how many pairs did you manage to stock up on? We’re assuming you didn’t just get one pair…
Yep, sorry. One pair was all I could get. I don’t have a lot money. Plus, boards are expensive in Croatia.

How did the first initial session feel?
The first time I put them on, they fit like a glove. Especially since the last time. The last time I had éS Accel’s was in 2012. I remember how good they felt back then, so you didn’t have to break them in all that much. They skated so good and still do today. It was just a little weird having bulky skate shoes like this again. In a way, the closest shoe I got to their bulkiness was skating some Etnies Marana’s beforehand. I surprised myself with how good they felt after not skating in them for so long.

How long did it take you to film this flatground video?
It maybe took an hour to film. I just wanted to film myself skating in them to show the éS skateboarding instagram account.

Why wouldn’t you save your pair and then resell them? Apparently, the éS Accels resell value is through the roof these days…
They are made to be skated son, haha. I just wanna skate in them till they collapse.

Did you need to change your whole kit up in order to skate in Accels? Have you too fallen into the #NeverUncuff stylings or have you been rocking baggy attire forever?
I skate everything and don’t mind the fashion of it all.

What shoe do you want éS to re-release next? Try to be realistic though, considering they may not have the rights to re-release a pro model (because the pro probably has royalty rights against it.)
Of their entire catalog, I’d have to say the éS Accel in any color and Accel Plus.


While the lesson here is to skate whatever shoes you have, regardless of their limited quantity, only so many people can pull off Accel’s once they finally put them on. It’s hard to go back to Puffy skate shoes after being modernized with today’s alternatives.

The moral of this story goes as followed: Stock up on your favorite skate shoes now or suffer the consequences in the future.


  1. dino

    October 14, 2014 7:09am

    thanks guys,best shoes…

  2. prce

    October 14, 2014 7:25am

    Dino is one of the best skateboarders i have ever seen, he does not talk too much but he kills too much.he is very simetric and very “first try trick done”.

  3. Mario Kopecki

    October 14, 2014 5:57pm

    Stoked to see my friend on rippedlaces! COX RIPS!

  4. hick

    October 15, 2014 4:48pm

    Dino needs sponsors ASAP…I’d see him making AM on adidas international team since es is still rocked.

  5. Trevor

    October 16, 2014 2:26pm

    I bet we will get a peek at what PJ’s new shoe is once/if the Plan B video comes out in December. Who knows; maybe NB# will release his shoe in Spring.

  6. art hellman

    October 17, 2014 9:40pm

    been skating in the Adidas Ronan again lately after snagging a clearance pair of the Raul Navarro colorway. very reminiscent of the 2000s skate shoes but with just enough thin enough in the ball/toe of the shoe to avoid that muffled boardfeel. i’d go so far as to give them the title of the Adidas-Accel.

    the moral of my story: wish I followed the moral of your story and stocked up on more pairs

  7. Tyler Dombrowski

    October 18, 2014 12:01am

    Man, that kid kills it! Gotta say, I have skated through 2 pairs of the Accels already. Thought about saving them/ keeping them pristine but one day I’ll have kids and wanna show them the definition of a what skate shoe is- a skated/loved to death Accel where you can see socks on the bottom, Ollie area and toecap. Over time, the rubber degrades, insole/midsole foam loses resiliency and doesn’t rebound like it was designed to( gets ‘stale’) so even if you hadn’t touched em in 10 years the shoe wouldn’t perform/ be in as good of shape as when you bought them. Gona buy and skate ’em till I cain’t skate no more!!!

  8. moe

    October 18, 2014 12:26am

    Are they going to make more Accels? They sold out in like a day.

    • Tyler Dombrowski

      October 18, 2014 11:32pm

      Yeah dude! They aren’t making them like they used to, but you’ll notice new hats, a sweatshirt… they don’t do the ‘accessories’ if it’s only limited. The Accel hasn’t dropped in White or Red in the USA yet, and I talked to a certain skateshop owner and it is confirmed they will be producing more. Not like what they used to, but don’t feel bad about killin a pair with your tricks. I’d expect more in February/ early 2015, as that is when they re-released their line. Don’t even know how I’ll afford 4 pairs of the red ones, but it’s gotta happen!

    • dino

      October 25, 2014 9:46am

  9. hick

    October 22, 2014 3:23pm

    2006 video of the Quartersnacks crew with Supreme employees, Autumn skate shop, and 2nd nature skate shop video

    one of the riders is wearing the OG Es Accels in brown suede



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