Coexisting W/ Pedestrians, Our Favorite Moments – Pt2

Pedestrian: "Supreme? I smoke a lil crack every now and then" "Hey, I used to too, it's no big deal" -Dill

Pedestrian: “Supreme? I smoke a lil crack every now and then”  Dill: “Hey, I used to too, it’s no big deal” Part 1.

Whether it’s an overly concerned parent, policeman or random pedestrian with nothing to do, you’re bound to get fucked with on the streets. Is that more or less of a reason to go to the skatepark? If we had to guess, our assumption is that most would pick the serenity & smooth angle ironed ledges of the skatepark but we’ll take the former. As stated previously, interacting with that crazy crackhead during a street session is just as necessary as the complete under your feet.

Jeremy Wray did plenty of legendary ollies, but this intro clip of him hauling ass and blasting a curb cut in the Color video is a personal favorite of ours. The kid’s reaction is a constant reminder of how amazing the actual act of skateboarding is. For every 30-something who’s bitter, jaded, and numb to high-level skateboarding, there’s also a kid somewhere who’s trying to figure out how a grown man used a skateboard to get into the air like that. The filmer was just lucky enough to document one kid’s astonishment, and he’s on point – most of skateboarding is still trying to catch up to Wray’s level.

Anyone who’s skated a spot alongside a busy road has resisted the temptation to say “fuck the lookout” and try their trick, regardless of oncoming traffic or pedestrian interference. For the average skater, this is a terrible idea, but Pat Burke proved in Radio Television that he’s far from average. At the bridge bump in Texas, Burke threw caution to the wind and tried a kickflip as a biker was passing by underneath him. For a second, it seems like he’ll get away with it, until he throws it away, only to watch the biker roll over his board and eat shit. Final score: Burke, 1; Biker, 0.

Does every pubescent skateboarder secretly fantasizes about seducing a girl by doing nothing more than just landing a trick in front of her? Ours years of experience have taught us that girls are incredibly impressed when you land stuff (because they always think you’re gonna slam), but that didn’t deter Sammy Baca in the slightest. After getting a few cheers for his roll-on grind in Baker has a Deathwish, Baca rolled up to the ladies, looking for some loving. Although it’s never been disclosed if anything came from their stunt-related flirting, it wouldn’t surprise us if Baca reeled one of them in. Even if he were rejected, his response was to get his ass back on top of the drop-in, grind around the corner and show them what they’re missing out on.

Satva Leung’s Welcome to Hell part opens with an old man attempting to invoke the wrath of God on him for front boarding a rail outside of a church. Not exactly what you want to hear as you’re rolling up to a rail. Fortunately for Leung, the man’s attempts were futile, and he went on to film not one, but two tricks before the filmer was attacked by an irate pastor. An honorable mention goes out to the unnamed bum and his prosthetic eye, featured later in the part.

Written by Andrew Murrell. Talk to him about Atlanta, Skateboarding and his IG name: ScienceCock.


  1. Tyler Dombrowski

    October 21, 2014 10:23pm

    Never knew about Pat Burke…. holy crap that was an amazing part! Looks like soo much fun! If only there were some places like that to skate round my parts haha.


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