What’s It Worth? Nike SB Prod 8

Nike Prod 8's, out the box.

Nike Prod 8’s, out the box.

Between this shoe, and the HUF Dylan, there hasn’t been any other releases met with so much hate/skepticism. On one hand you have a super narrow dress shoe, and on the other a basketball-inspired shoe with massive technical abilities. They’re both reaching extremes in the skate shoe world, but we’ve already debunked the myth that the Dylan’s wouldn’t skate well, so what about these?

When the P-Rod 8’s first dropped, we’d be lying if we said our first impressions were less than positive. But over time, the shoes seemed to gain a certain character and persona. We even saw people skating them at skateparks, which in all honesty has been a rare sight for Paul’s other models. Once we tried the shoe on, we realized why this shoe was actually gaining traction in the skating community–simply put, the shoe genuinely feels great. With a great inner booty, firm padding and great ankle lock, the shoe fits more like an extension of your foot and less like a shoe (even if the design of the shoe is far from subtle). This shoe also contains FlyWire (popular in Nike running shoes), which basically means whenever you tighten your laces the sidewalls of the shoe will also get more snug on your foot (#TOOcomfortable). In other words, if you have misshapen east coast man feet, you’ll feel like you’re standing on a cloud. Be forewarned though, the heel is slightly raised, keeping you on your toes for flip tricks. If you’re not a fan of raised heels, than this shoe might not be for you because it is fairly noticeable.

Prod 8's after 5 Hours of skating.

Prod 8’s after 5 Hours of skating.

While the comfort of the shoe was never questioned, everyone’s been wondering:
How do the Nike SB P-rod 8’s actually perform? Pretty damn well.

The upper is obviously not the tried and true suede material, nor is it leather. Its a synthetic upper with hyper screen, and it grips just as well as any other material, as well as provides extra durability. However, just like the Dylan Pros, this upper material scratches easily so it’ll look more beat up than it actually is. Might even make some sneakerheads shed a tear when you pass by them in scuffed kicks. Jokes aside, the shoe seems to be holding up extremely well. The grip is cut deep, and in a fine cross hatch pattern allowing the sole to be flexible and durable simultaneously. Mix that with a well rounded toe shape (not really narrow, not really wide either), and a lunarlon midsole, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

5 Hour Toe Wear

5 Hour Toe Wear

Also, one interesting detail we noticed was that the sole itself is extremely flat. Most shoe’s have a tendency of curving up over time (near the toe), but not the P-rod 8. When you’re standing on your board, you’ll feel extremely stable and planted. With that in mind, it kinda makes sense how P-Rod rolls away so squarely on his board 24/7…(the real #swtichgod).

Not everything is picturesque about this shoe though.
1. This synthetic material doesn’t breath very well, and is going to give you smelly swamp feet. A mix of hyper screen, a large rubber heel piece (super great to protect from heelflips though) and not many effective ventilation holes, causes all sorts of a sweaty mess. Luckily the cold Fall weather is upon us, so maybe this will be a plus in a month or two…

2. The price is steep…really steep at $130. It’s harder to justify this price being that the “secondary” roles this shoe can play don’t include going to a job interview or finding significant others. The shoe’s design is much less #teamhandsome and more #teamjock than anything, so yes, you can where these as a lifestyle shoe or to play ball, but is that added incentive enough to drop that kind of money? It’s up to you in the end.

What we can say is that on a purely skating standpoint, these shoes do perform incredibly well, and lead us to believe that they could survive well past our standardized 20 hour mark. Say what you will about Nike, at least they are taking risks with such a different take on skate design, while keeping a certain grade of quality clear. Unlike our previous W.I.W., these Nike SB’s are actually worth their steep price point due to the construction, technology and durability. As much as it may hurt to spend $130 on skate shoes, if they last anything like Tre AD’s, then they could actually merit an even steeper price tag. #Jussayin


  1. Chris

    September 22, 2014 5:16pm

    I got the opportunity to test the prod8. There not bad, a lil difficult to break in at first but when broken in they are alright. Hey kinda remind me of the project ba shoes but with a more raised heel.

  2. manimese

    September 22, 2014 8:35pm

    Marana E-lites are much better value than these PRods and they preform the same if not better.

  3. JayM

    September 26, 2014 4:05pm

    Surprise, surprise. Another glowing, cant do no wrong 10/10 review!

  4. allaner

    September 29, 2014 4:39pm

    $130 for a pair that you are going to skate? is it going to be indestructible? if you think $130 is expensive, wait till you see them outside of the u.s. they’ll jack up the price to astronomical levels. i’d probably get the supra skytop 3’s instead, heard they were really good.

  5. Gustavo

    December 26, 2014 3:26am

    Dude, in Brazil, the price of every skate shoe is about R$170 to R$300, Lunar Oneshots are R$400 and p.rods8 are R$550, only pros wear p.rods8 in Brazil,recently I bought a pair of buzenits vul for R$180 and a pair of P.Rod7 for R$170, its just too expensive to skate in Brazil….

    • Robert

      February 8, 2015 3:14pm

      Then stop buying nikes . There are far better shoes than these that are cheaper ,like the marana e-lite

  6. gmx

    March 12, 2015 12:01pm

    I am finding these to be now cheaper or same price as maranamarana elites. Any longer term review on them?

  7. Chris G

    June 4, 2015 4:24am

    All colors are on sale! Great chiller with no socks. Foot fits great! Ollie, flick, heel stability. I them know they are on sale!!!

  8. Marvin Truong

    June 4, 2015 11:46pm

    DO NOT GET THESE SHOES!!! I bought them for sale for 60 dollars and i wear them for school and i tried to skate them for a week and its terrible. The hyperscreen does not grip at all they should’ve stuck to suede, but i do like how it has a lot of cussion and for walking it feels great, but if u want to skate it i don’t recomend getting these.


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