The Classiest Skate Shoe We Never Cuffed With…

DC Shoes Primo is a classic example of bad timing, simply bc we want it now.

DC Shoes Primo is a perfect example of a shoe w/ bad timing, simply b/c we want it now.

Who knew that DC Shoes, the definitive “Tech” brand of skateboarding, at one point had a #TeamHandsome approved model…and apparently, no one bought it. 

As with most products, timing is everything. Thinking back, we all laughed at Dylan’s premiere Gravis model, but today we praise it for being ahead of its time. Now, as we all collectively search eBay for a pair of the 1st T.H. shoe, buyers remorse sets in as you pay $50-100 more than you should’ve had you bought them when they initially came out. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with most shoes. Where the Gravis Dylan was a hit, the DC Primo was not and is now reasonably priced online.

But why didn’t the Primo receive the same level of acceptance as the Gravis Dylan? Well, simply put : the shoe didn’t come from a fashionable brand such as Gravis. The DC Primo, in our eyes, is categorized as one of the “Greatest Misses” in skate shoe history. Here’s number 1 & 2. The shoe, in theory should’ve been a hit, but because DC isn’t the brand you think of when you say “Team Handsome”, the shoe inevitably flopped. Also, the name “Primo” isn’t all that great. :/

Stylish Cupsole, and its White & Gum? Yes please. Photos courtesy of "Your ID Store".

Stylish Cupsole, and its White & Gum? Yes please. Photos courtesy of Your ID Store.

This topic has come to light because the Primo actually looked great. Dressy skate shoe acceptance is at an all-time high and regardless of how you categorize a brand, no one should be exempt from “trying” out a new look. Sure, DC isn’t a brand that’s well correlated with looking handsome but you give credit where credit is due. Shit, maybe we should’ve included them in this article #NotReally.

As we all start to realized that we can’t go to work in the same hole ridden skate shoes that we know and love, the need for skate shoes that look mature becomes more and more demanding. Whether your reasoning is to go to work in these or simply to skate them, you can’t go wrong.

We’re currently looking for pairs on eBay to skate. Basically, if the HUF Dylan is out of your price range, here’s your next best bet. Cuff, skate and enjoy. #NeverUncuff


  1. allaner

    September 29, 2014 4:22pm

    this wingtip designed shoes have been done before, i think i saw a pair of vans era’s with the wingtip design,

  2. Crazy

    September 29, 2014 5:47pm

    Maybe u guys dont do Globes but Louie Barlettas Shoes looks pretty good

  3. Big Louie Fan

    September 29, 2014 6:27pm

    Yeah The Taurus, Louie Barletta’s pro shoe is of the same ilk as this shoe, also Jose Rojo’s Etnies pro shoe has similar styling. They all look good.

  4. Han

    September 30, 2014 2:27pm

    This shoe looks good, but I looked at the other colorways on eBay and the brogue areas just look too busy. Maybe it only works well in all white or all black.

    The Globe Taurus has been out for a while now. How about a review?


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