Agenda Sneak Peek: Emerica SP15′ – Part 1


The Figueroa Pro debuting in January 2015 – $60

Emerica’s Spring 2015 collection has a slew of new pro models and upgraded materials, making it one of the most anticipated lines at this year’s Agenda Show. Sneak Peeks brought to you by Active Ride Shop.Debuting models are nothing new to the Agenda Show and sure enough, we saw plenty of new shoes in LBC. Skater’s have been pleading with Emerica for a Figgy pro model and now their chants are being answered with the new Figueroa Pro. This cupsole model is as straightforward as you can get. Obviously, Figgy wasn’t looking to reinvent the wheel with his debut pro model due to its similarities to the Romero Laced. Figgy.Gum.GumThe main differences between each of these models are actually very important. Whereas the Romero Laced is very thin, the Figueroa pro has a bunch of padding around the collar and support in the interior of the shoe. The inner bootie is intended to hold your foot in place, with or without laces. From what we’ve heard, Figgy has full intentions of taking advantage of this supportive technology. He’ll be skating his new pro model laceless for the most part but they’ll definitely come with spare laces once they hit retailers. They’ll be reasonably priced at $60 and may have a surprise debut this December. If you don’t feel like holding you breath, expect them to hit skate shops between January and Feb.

With vulc and cupsole options, its no wonder both versions of Herman’s shoes are hits amongst the skateboarding community. This upcoming season, expect vulc colorways to outweigh the cupsole options. :/

We’re not too concerned with Herman’s vulc outweighing his cupsoles because the Reynolds cupsole comes to your sore knees rescue. Having options is obviously great, but what makes it ideal is having even better looking colorways. Spring 15’s Reynolds Mid might as well be called the Gucci Mane colorway given its “sooo iceeyyyy” demeanor. Classic colorways are coming out in its lower counterparts. The blk/gum model and “teddy bear” brown will be praised with every ollie and flick.

As we stated before, the Agenda Show is familiar with new models and we’re glad to see a familiar face with some technical updates. If Reynolds current collection wasn’t enough for you, he’s bringing back one of his favorite models, in the lightest form possible. The Reynolds Cruiser LT is today’s modernized version of a skate classic and its being brought back in chiller form. For those of you who loved the shoe, it’s coming back with comfortability in mind. This ultra light midsole and canvas upper is ideal for beer runs, hollering at girls and skating (if you’re Vegan). The subtle in-seam gives this update a cleaner look and leaves it with potential to look extra classy in it. If you’re upset about the fact that you can’t skate this incredibly light Reynolds Cruiser, don’t fret, the Reynolds Vulc collection has plenty of colorways to choose from.

Part 2, tomorrow.


  1. Filip

    August 7, 2014 7:34pm

    It sucks that the renovated cruiser is all canvas, I loved the older version of this shoe! It lasted so long and had such a good flick and boardfeel.

  2. anonymous

    August 7, 2014 9:39pm

    Do the Reynolds vulcs have the inner bootie too? The Reynolds and Rowley pro lites are the best because of that.

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  3. al

    August 8, 2014 12:09am

    Please do a Supra sneak peek. I saw a picture on Wear Tested of a shoe called the Supra Crown and I am keen to find out what it is!

  4. Jim Beam

    August 17, 2014 8:01am

    Figgy is great at skating “just handrails” but what is he doing to warrant a pro shoe? Playing music and pretending to be a broke burnout? #splausha #facetious