The Best #AllWhiteEverything Tricks Ever Done: 10-6

The elusive All White outfit hasn’t really come into its own until recent years. As with today’s echelon of skating, the progression behind the A.W.E. outfit is on the rise with no signs of stopping. The only difference between the growing technicality of skating and this pearly outfit is that only few can pull off the latter. Find any kid at a local skatepark and ask them to do the latest am shuffle and watch as they perform it with relative ease or with flailing arms. With the A.W.E. outfit, only few can pull it off due to the high strains of pressure that come with the outfit. Your skating, as well as your lifestyle, should be at its best when pursuing the wonderbread get-up. If Adam Dyet sported some A.W.E., you’d look at him with disgust and we’d no longer want to affiliate ourselves with it. On the other hand, carefully selected ambassadors of A.W.E. know that they can pull it off but thankfully do not abuse its privileged. With that said, please practice discretion before pursuing this outfit aka please don’t ruin it for the few that actually make it look good.

Disclaimer: Due to some restraints that are out of our control, some outfits that appear on this list aren’t actually All White. Because of this, please feel free to forward any slander or backhanded comments towards the pros and not us. Thank you. 😉

10. Corey Duffel – That’s Life. Back Lip.
No matter where you side with Corey Duffel, he’s a talented skateboarder. Anyone who can pull off the tricks he does, while being dressed in the same outfits he wore, wouldn’t have the same luck. With these two elements colliding, Corey Duffel brings his flare and tricks to the top of this list. We all remember Foundation’s classic “That’s Life” video like it was yesterday due to its incredible song selection and even more incredible roster. Had Ethan wore some white jackets with those faint khaki girl jeans (c’mon, we all know they were girl jeans) maybe he would’ve landed himself on this list. Looking back, we’re now blown away at the fact that Corey’s All White Everything getup wasn’t even stained from previous attempts at that ridiculous back lip. Even more reason to have him on the list.Ag with a bs flip9. Austyn Gillette – Backside Flip as found in TSM #123
We all know that AG plays second fiddle to Dylan when it comes to representing T.H. but we’re glad that he’s finally come into his own. If you’ve taken the time to analyze his transformation from clean cut cali kid to a chic and savvy skateboarder, you’ll know that its been an uphill battle for AG to earn his stripes as a member of T.H.. With this photo and outfit, his inauguration is as good as done. Welcome home AG.


8. Brian Anderson – Very Flavorful 360 Flip at Nike SB Pop-up in NYC

At this years GSD in NYC, the roster of Nike SB members participating in the event were wearing parody-like jerseys that tie in with Nike’s “Skateboarding is not a game” campaign. The whole idea seemed pretty ridiculous until BA decided to tie in his white jersey with his already pearly outfit. His timeless 360 flip makes it even more apparent for him to be included on this list. Had he been sporting those frosted tips, the outfit would’ve been complete.

7. Jason Dill – DVS Skate More, Elf Outfit Line
Don’t be so quick to forget Dill’s ridiculous wardrobe during his DVS days just because FA is taking over. Eventually, we’ll be working on a timeline of Dill’s looks over the years. Yes, all the way from his 101 days, with a short visit to his Vita Shoes/Poofy drawstring ended pants and ending with his final look of today. But for now, let’s concentrate on this wild line that had viewers taking a 2nd glance at the screen to make sure they weren’t seeing things. If it weren’t for his piss yellow socks, he’d be higher on the list but thankfully, the line makes up for it.

6. Erik Ellington – This Is Skateboarding, Front Board Wilshire 15
Erik is a shining example of those who can pull off the tricky A.W.E. attire. His style on and off the board is immaculate, and it’s that exact formula that you’ll need to pull this one off. Long story short is, if you’re buying from Mall shops and have a tendency to Yo Flip more than a traditional 360 flip, do us a favor and do not tarnish this A.W.E. look for everyone else. Also, whoever made that “Best of Wilshire” video on YouTube needs to update it with this front board. So good.

5 – 1 tomorrow.


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    Thats me with the toy machine deck right under ba’s ass.


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