First Glance: HUF Dylan Rieder Pro Model

HUF Dylan Details.

HUF Dylan Details.

Skateboarding’s most hated, yet strangely appealing, skate shoe has hit skate shop shelves and to no one’s surprise, they’ve done what most of us thought they would: SOLD OUT.

Whether you side with HUF & Dylan’s progressive design or just plain hate it, the fact that they sold out of most skate shops and HUF’s online store speak for itself. The Dylan’s, as most understood it to be a skate shoe, isn’t necessarily selling out because of its functionality on the board. In fact, it’s its purpose off the board that makes it one of the fastest selling skate shoes of all time.

Initial Fit & Feel
For those of you that have been doing your research on the HUF Dylan’s fit, please do go True to Size with these shoes. Yes, initially they do feel snug and may potentially rub against the back of your heel temporarily but its nothing that an hour or two of walking won’t cure. Once you’re done breaking-in the Dylan’s, you’ll notice that the forefoot area is very forgiving and can accommodate even the widest foot. The shoe will naturally take shape to your foot but will never lose its construction due to the inner mesh lining. The mesh bootie comes through in many ways than one. Although its real purpose is to keep your foot from sliding around within the confines of the shoe, the mesh bootie happens to be padded and can turn a painful, session ending hit from your skateboard into a subtle blow. Along with that, you’ll have the comfort of mesh padding surrounding the upper of your foot, while the lower is being padded by a thick PU insole.

The thick PU insole approximately goes from about an 8mm height in the heel to a 6mm height in the forefoot. This small but important drop should explain the Dylan’s incredible boardfeel. The feel itself is one of a vulcanized shoe but is made up entirely of a cupsole construction. You’ll feel low to the ground in these HUF Dylan’s without actually suffering the consequences.


Narrower than your conventional skate shoe, the Dylan’s will give you a better flick than you could imagine.

Toe & Flick
As you may imagine, the flick on these Dylan’s are superb. This shouldn’t come as any surprise considering the shape of the toe. The high grain leather simply adds to the remarkable functionality of the flick and allows the toe to fly off the board while still maintaining a good level of traction. We can’t deny it, the first flick will feel weird. Just skating in these Dylan’s in general will feel weird but in a good way. It’s not often that you’re skating some of the most stylish skate shoes so try to embrace it. Once you get pass the fact that you’re skating a shoe that doubles as a dress shoe, you can essentially do whatever the fuck you want in them. 360 flips, heelflips, the works. After the first session of skating, the scuffs on the side were immediately noticeable but not apparent enough to think of them as blown out. No different than scuffing them at your steady desk job, the dance floor or the skate park. More wear details to come…

Sole & Grip
If you haven’t noticed, the sole on these Dylan’s are so close to resembling the same iconic construction as a KCK. Whether Dylan is paying homage to the old school or simply just loving the aesthetic of this design, we can assure you that it works. The rubber surrounding the toe and heel of the shoe certainly add to the durability of the Dylan’s. Before wearing on the leather, the first couple of ollie’s landed right on the rubber and wore in with ease.

As you’d expect with any shoe, the outsole is going to be a bit slippery during the first few hours. Although we did feel a little bit of that with the Dylan’s, it’s not as drastic as other models we’ve tested in the past. The reason being that the rubber on the sole happens to be slightly softer. Just as a gauge, it’s not as soft as Vans foxing tape, just a little harder than that. But not as hard as, lets say, a Lakai XLK sole. Just right in the middle.

The grip is better than most people’s expectations. Because of the soft feeling sole, the outsole digs into the ground with ease but doesn’t show severe signs of balding at all. This leveled out outsole keeps the HUF Dylan’s flexible and consistent throughout every push.

As stated before, the thick PU insole adds a ton of support, especially when placed on top of a cupsole. For such a narrow shoe, the arch support is fair/medium. Nothing substantial but for those with flat feet/ fallen arches, you should feel good in these Dylan’s. The mesh liner will definitely keep your foot secure and in place at all times. Any apprehension about these shoes will vanish after trying them on. The construction and overall design of the HUF Dylan was well thought out and it shows.

More photos of wear and details to come. Until then, enjoy this solid video review for more information. Questions? Comments about the shoe? Let us know and we’ll get back to you.


  1. Moon

    July 28, 2014 11:10pm

    Sure they’re not for me, not my type of shoe. But I love how different they look, it’s really important (at least for me) to have diversity

  2. whitcombriley

    July 29, 2014 12:46pm

    Looks familiar.

  3. whitcombriley

    July 29, 2014 1:45pm

  4. Dawid

    July 29, 2014 5:41pm

    A super classy skate shoe. I like it. Keep it up HUF.

  5. desert

    July 30, 2014 8:38pm

    shoes are rad…and wildly comfortable…the mesh lining at the toe is superb. If the lining is comfy during a session, then the lining is like toe pillows for other activities….they flex easy too. I got both white and black pairs. Im wearing only the black, and they look better after each use.

  6. Stephen

    July 31, 2014 1:21am

    Exactly what I predicted. Still would never buy because of the aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong I love a low profile shoe as much as the next guy but these remind me of bowling shoes except with no heel

  7. Prezi Oki

    July 31, 2014 3:28am

    just got em today. I was pretty surprised by the room at the forefoot, it was kinda weird tho cuz my big toe stopped at like 3/4 from the sidewall and i thought i got the wrong size. oh well fits like a glove and i prolly wont skate these anytime soon, unless i get another pair. but yeah they fit true to size and are super comfy, leather is top shelf, super deep tread pattern, protection for days, worth every penny

  8. Tom L

    August 12, 2014 5:44pm

    Huf is known for ripping off other designs, the dylan shoe is a exact replica of his second gravis shoe and it is the same as a puma standpunkt. The huf galaxy is a busenitz vulc, the classic is a nike court, chuck hybrid, sutter is a vans authentic, ramondetta is a sperry boat shoe, mercer is reese forbes quiksilver shoe, the noble is a kck…but don’t get me wrong, it is what people want. simple cupsoles, classic designs. I just hope they don’t get sued!

    • Dan

      August 12, 2014 7:52pm

      Hey Tom,

      Wouldn’t you say it’s fair that the Dylan shoe is the same as his Gravis shoe? Since it is his professional model, that’s probably the way he wanted it!
      I would say that is vastly different than the Puma as well. Maybe the overall shape is similar, but the details are so very different.

  9. CEEZ

    September 4, 2014 3:25pm

    Pure garbage. Huf has got to be the worst at this shit. Everyone of there shoes is pretty much a knock off of another shoe and these look like the Capezios or some other wanna be pimp shoe from 1982. I guess the weed socks kind of played themselves out so now they are pumping out more low quality shoes. I got three pairs of Hufs from a friend on flow and each one of them sucks pretty much. The sutter is hella weak, the pepper is off sized by about a whole size (too big for me) and the huf pro model from last year was comfy but fit too small. All of them blew out sides and ripped the ollie and toe spot with in 9 days. Huf is like the Tommy Hilfiger of the skate game. It’s a shame too because Keith is such a cool guy and he rips but the company is obviously trying to cash out while the getting is good. Huf is kind of like a dude who makes money late in his career, he has no shame in what he’ll try to sell and cash out on. Get some integrity fuckers.

  10. Coleman

    September 13, 2014 2:51pm

    You guys should definitely do a review on the HUF Classic Lo

  11. asdasd

    October 31, 2014 12:16am

    i know I’m late but these are ugly af

  12. nish8026

    January 26, 2015 8:05pm

    Actually, these are great shoes! I wear mine to work. I found that the source of my ankle blisters was the thick and hard insoles. I switched mine out for a another pair slimmer, softer, cork footbed insoles. There’s not as much support, but there’s more room for my foot in the shoe and my ankle/heel doesn’t feel pressed against the back of the shoe, without any noticeable heel-lift. Much, much better now. I may still skate these someday, but until then… back to work!


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