Lakai’s Owen Is Stirrin’ Up Some Shit

Lee has every reason in the world to be crackin' a smile but especially with those Lakai leather Owens on his feet.

Lee has every reason in the world to be crackin’ a smile but especially w/ those Lakai leather Owens on his feet.

The anticipation has been building up for the release of Lakai’s sleek new slip-on. Believe it or not, the Owen has already managed to gain some notoriety despite the fact that they’re not even available for sale yet. How did this happen? Well, as many of you might’ve guessed, the powers shackles of social media have launched this otherwise simplistic model into some heavy-handed excitement.


A clear POV of Lakai’s Owen

Even outside of the world of social media, last week’s Rip Zinger video piece added even more fuel to the Owen’s fire by showing its inception from Scott Johnston’s POV (around the 6:00 min mark). It’s undeniable that Lakai’s Slip-On has our attention, the only question now is: can it keep it? With more and more competition in the Slip-On territory, the Owen’s will have to have some outstanding element about it that’ll separate it from the rest of the one-piece toe opposition. After searching for some commentary on the Owen’s, we stumbled onto David’s instagram. Aside from answering most people’s questions, he touched on the fact that Lakai’s Owen is true to size, light and skates great. Obviously we can only take so much from what a 17yr old says on his instagram but given the fact that he has the accessibility to the Owen’s whereas we don’t, we’ll have to take his word for it….for now.

If your temptation to buy the Owen is only growing with every leaked instagram photo, you can blame a couple of Lakai’s team riders. One of the initial Am’s skating the Owen was Miles Silvas and retired but not retired pro Rick McCrank. Of the two, it appears that Miles has left the flare for a 3-striped sponsor. Given his change in decor during the latest Berrics Red Edit, he either ran out of Lakai shoes during the day of the shoot or he recently signed to Adidas. He’s still listed on the Lakai team page but if our suspicions are right, his bio should be getting pulled down any second now. Anybody also notice Nakel is gone too? ;(

Lastly, if Lakai’s Owen initially Leaked in the form of an XLK cupsole, does that mean us back-broken skaters can await its cupsole arrival or nah nah? If its cupsole arrival is nowhere near, then pop an ibuprofen and use the Owen’s as they come. Expect them to be out at your local skate shop around August 15th for $65.


  1. Steve

    June 3, 2014 1:11pm

    This guy got an early pair somehow and said they are the best shoes he’s ever skated

  2. Jordan Sigmund

    June 3, 2014 4:16pm

    The homie Nakel is off Lakai. He talked with Mike Carrol at his house and Carrol just left right away. We were skating this spot and he was wearing those new Nike Janoski with the attached toe cap in all red and he out red sharpie on the white swoosh logo.

  3. Steve

    June 3, 2014 8:44pm

    Has anyone skated the Dekline CT? Wondering how they would hold up in the slip on battle

    • Anthony Wylie

      June 4, 2014 6:05am

      the dekline CT slips skate really freakin good! I actually recommend them over the vans slip ons

    • alex

      August 28, 2014 5:41pm

      CT’s are the best slip-on skate shoe I’ve skated. Lighter & more durable than the Vans slip-on Pro.

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