Further Evidence To Skate Whatever The Fuck You Want

Peep the shoes first, then absorb the trick. Both are pretty.

Peep the shoes first, then absorb the trick. Both are pretty.

As stated in the Bobby on Nike article, video parts are only appreciated for so long. Our short attention span, along with the mental abuse of social media has caused us to unintentionally forget some of the better clips/video parts of the year. Aside from fitting these standards, Northern Co‘s Matt Town makes his Welcome video part more worthy than most. Aside from having the visual help from Colin Read, his selection of footwear is basically forcing our digital hands to share his video part. Don’t let our sharing deter you from watching his video part. Throughout most of it, not only can Matt be found in Asics but he’s also doing maneuvers that give us good reason to believe he’s Jake Rupp’s step-child. That’s a good thing.

For those of you asking, Matt was skating in the Asics Onitsuka Tiger model. More specifically, Asics Tokuten model. Onitsuka Tiger shoes began as Japan’s first basketball model from Asics and have since then become a subdivision of Asics. Today, the brand is globally recognized as mainly a lifestyle brand but Matt & others have found different uses for these fully functional models. After peering through many pages, we found that as good as the Asics Tokuten is, we’re leaning a bit more towards the Vikka Moscow or the Asics Hulse for more of a Busenitz kind of feel. Long tongue & all. The outsole actually looks pretty solid on the Asics Hulse too.

Whether it be the accessibility or the cost of these non-skate shoes, it’s clear that more people like Matt are going to skate them because they work. More so, they honestly do look good as fuck. Something about those Asics lines got us fucked up, but in a good way. Potential review? We’ll be in touch Asics

Have a good weekend everybody.


  1. Arturus

    June 6, 2014 4:08pm

    I’ve been living in Tokyo for close to a decade now and always thought the Onitsuka Tigers would make a great skate shoe. The problem is, they don’t carry them in my size and they’re always expensive as hell here.

  2. Tyler Dombrowski

    June 6, 2014 10:26pm

    Street Skateboarding in rareform- pure, gritty, dangerous and resourceful. Gorgeous maneuvers on whatever terrain suits your fancy- this is what skateboarding is all about! That guy straight up killed it! Living in America I have access to all sorts of great skate-specific kicks so that’s what I’ll get. I can definitely see skaters elsewhere don’t have the selection we do here. Getting more people skateboarding is the important part, I feel a certain way about kicks but use whatever ya can bc all that matters is the satisfaction of STOMPIN’ them tricks haha

  3. cody

    June 8, 2014 8:04pm

    I always thought Onitsuka Tigers looked like good skate shoes, I would skate them way before I would ever skate New Balances.

  4. Barlow

    June 10, 2014 7:14pm

    Coke whites.

  5. Tiekh Yesa

    October 1, 2014 9:10am

    Been skating The Hulse for about two weeks now. So far the only shoe I have skated that was better were my Rowley Ones back in the day. Got these randomly for the look after the toe on my Nike SB Kostons busted and shoe goo made my flick feel nonexistent. Gonna skate Asics from now on probably. Onitsuka Tigers need a skate team focused outta Tokyo and to sponsor me.

  6. elry

    October 28, 2015 12:14pm

    sean sheffy was the first to skate in them on film.


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