Mo’ Mids, Less Problems

Gilby's Mid coming at cha.

Gilby’s Mid coming at cha.

While we’re completely unaware of who’s listening, we can’t help but thank whoever is hearing our cries on a daily basis. As stated in the “Dunks Are Chill AF” article, the Mid/Hi selection in skateboarding has been beyond lackluster for too long but that’s slowly but surely changing. With new developments coming in daily, we’ve come to find out more and more of our wishes are coming to fruition. As the weather on the east coast begins to warm up, places like NY, Boston and PA (regardless of this) will generate an increase of rolled ankles- potentially up to 65% as eager skaters trick themselves into thinking they still have their pre-winter go-to’s “first try”. Please, don’t trick yourself into an unnecessary injury and end up like this all summer. It’s literally the worse thing you could do to yourself.

Gilbert.Mids.StandingIf the anticipation for the first-ever Vans video wasn’t already staggering, it’ll only get bigger with each Burnout post you see. If that weren’t enough, each of these post also reveal some heavily anticipated models like Gilbert’s Mid pro model. Don’t deny the fact that it would look so much better with a strap. Preferably on the top of the collar with a button engraved with Gilbert’s artwork. #truu #toofancy?

There’s nothing wrong with Gilbert’s Mid model but if you’re looking to adapt to a more supportive cupsole, the odds are that you’ll be yearning for the return of Koston’s 1st Nike shoe in Mid form. When we wrote about it before, we unfortunately had a catalog photo and no concrete evidence of its existence/ release. You know we like to treat you guys with more than just a catalog photo. 😉

Koston's latest installment to his array of pro models.

Koston’s latest installment to his array of pro models.

This past week, the Koston 1 Mids finally found their way onto the web and of course, we were quick to screen shot it for your pleasure judgement. Nike’s track record with Mid’s hasn’t always been the best when you think back to some of their past pro models. Shoes like the Omar pro model (either rendition), the Challenge Court and Hybred Boot all came and went with no regard towards their absence. Given the circumstances of all the past Mid models and their failures, we’re actually more than sure that the Koston 1 Mid’s will be the exception. The beloved low version was extremely popular and was stripped from the market before it could ever fulfill its inevitable Janoski-like fame. We’re looking forward to this one and something tells us you are too. As more details like pricing, colorways and additional info surfaces, we’ll fill you in. You can expect those who are fond of the original version to be cutting these Mids down, Half Cab style, in no time. We’re excited about these Mid EK1 upgrades, only cuz we weren’t fond of his 2nd shoe and we miss the EK1’s badly.

The timing of each of these releases should be relatively close so if the Crockett Mid & Koston 1 Mid hit the market at the same time, which one are you going to pick up?


  1. G.Flores

    May 27, 2014 10:28pm

    Neither, I would rather get the Reynolds mid

  2. dustin

    May 28, 2014 3:28am

    why not a dunk mid or high and be done #skateadunk

  3. Justin

    May 28, 2014 3:17pm

    Is it me, or does it look like John’s about to smell a fart from Gilby’s ass???

  4. SC

    May 31, 2014 6:12pm

    Damn those Koston kids in a better color might be fire!

  5. joey

    August 21, 2014 9:20am

    i need the busenitz mid pro model. that will be the best mid out. why are they not making it.

  6. Josh

    September 4, 2014 4:27pm

    Gotta get the Gilbert mid, already got a few more pairs of the low in the mail, can’t wait!


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