Jake Johnson Found A Shoe Sponsor

BMX future for Jake? He'd probably crush it there too.

Not even Instagram’s blur effect can hide these KA-II’s off of Jake’s feet.

What would’ve otherwise been a normal uneventful week of watching skate clips has turned into a time of grievance. AWS is dead or “under hiatus” at the moment but the likelihood of the two is the former. With this passing comes many questions, one of which is: Where is everyone going to go? We’ll save our guesses for more #2014predictions but for now we’ll concentrate on what we do know.

Just yesterday, one of our aforementioned #2014predictions came true. After many months of speculation, Jake Johnson has found a shoe sponsor. As many have guessed, it’s Converse (regardless of the fact that we heard a contract was being formed for his Lakai introduction #tevs). Jake spills the beans in his latest Thrasher Radio talk, right after the Rod “Tha Bod” Stewart song. The interview as a whole is worth a listen because Jake talks post-AWS plans, potentially becoming a Stereo Agent in the past and more.

Now it looks like Converse has accomplished the unthinkable. They’ve retooled their team and for the better. We credit them because the task isn’t as simple as it sounds. Once your brand/team is determined and labeled as lame (think back to when their team was stacked yet nothing was produced i.e. pre-Zered), it’s hard to come back from that. Kudos to whoever is steering the wheel over there. Their next plan of action should be reconfiguring some of their footwear and introducing new pro models but from what we heard, it’s already in progress…

Good to know that Jake won’t be making it to this 2014 list


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