DC Shoes Fall ’14 Sneak Peek

Remember what we said? Blk/Gum colorways are ace.

Remember what we said? Blk/Gum colorways are ace and are always welcomed here.

As with their diverse team, DC’s catalog of skate shoes has been growing into a variety of goods that’ll appease every consumer. For those looking for a simple one piece toe, you can find solace in their assorted selection of functional models. If you’re looking for more protection, their cupsole selection seems to be growing with every seasonal drop. DC’s Fall ’14 delivery is no different and continues their commitment towards progressive pro and team models.

Newly debuted models like Felipe’s-endorsed Complice S are going to be hitting skate shops sooner than later and to much of our surprise, DC is bringing back a paneled toe into their catalog. You can image that they’ve been listening to your feedback when the majority have been saying things like “All DC’s just look the same”. Not sure if we entirely agree but if those of you who have been saying it are referring to their abundant amount of one-piece toe cap shoes, then yes, one could tediously label them all the same.

Despite some people’s varying results, the Mike Mo S doesn’t appear to be losing any kind of momentum or popularity. As one of the most popular DC models to date, you’ll notice that its received the upgraded Mid treatment. If Mo’s pro model wasn’t popular before, you can now expect to see it on skaters with bum ankles too. The Glassy collaboration comes in a ocean depths colorway and matching Glassy Sunglasses to match. Given the extra incentive of sunglasses, the price of these Mike Mo S are $10 more than their original price. DC’s slew of pro models (below) are coming in all sorts of colorways and will more than likely catch your eye. Most of these colorways are subtle but still have some distinct hits to differentiate them from some other models sharing the same skate shoe wall.

DC’s team models are just as appealing this year with the Council S mid-upgrade. As one of their most favorable models, the Council S has been a staple for anyone looking for superior boardfeel and an incredible flick. The toe on the Council is practically perfected and ensures an ideal flick every time.

Unfortunate news does come with this DC update: This seasonal drop marks the last and final time the Centric S will be available. ); Yes, its sad but we’re guessing that the airbag wasn’t as popular as the runner toe or rubber toe cap. Stock up on the Centric S before they’re gone. It’s one of our favorite skate shoes ever and we’ll be sure to bother DC for a bulk load of the last remaining pairs. Sadly we did not get a photo of the Centric S Fall ’14 colorway but it’s basically gotten the “Penny” treatment. Even more reason to love Kalis and his shoe.


  1. Stefano Bellote

    May 20, 2014 2:43am

    so the Centric S will really come out in that brown colorway?? Kalis said (a long time ago) it would not be released when he posted photos of it on his instagram.. which was such a shame
    I’ve gotta get me a pair really soon, specially on this situation

  2. Ian

    May 20, 2014 3:20am

    no real shots of the Miller?

  3. al

    May 20, 2014 3:28am

    i would be so down for the mid! i like how companies listen!!! Mids for the win!

    ps. Ripped Laces, have you heard anything about the supra ellington hi top realease date or whether they are going to continue to make the supra ellington? (best shoe in the game btw).


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