Stock For The Winter, Spend It In Spring – Pt 3

Who will you spend those racks on?

Who will you spend those racks on?

Ripped Laces cannot be held accountable for jinxing anything, but it seems like Mother Nature has finally brought us the warmer weather we’ve been craving. And although this east coast rain is a bitch, Austyn Gillette is good role model of how #teamhandsome deals with rain. Don’t ever let torrential downpours stop you from skating effortlessly in a slippery concrete park…

So, now that you’re ready to skate under sun until you can’t feel your legs, what are some more shoes we can’t help but recommend?

The Vincent.

The Vincent Alvarez pro model may help you skate at higher speeds.

Lakai: Ever since Lakai’s manufacturing shift, the quality of their product has increased ten fold, and their Spring 2014 line follows suit. Like always we like to start off with a vulc, and our top choice is easily the Lakai Alvarez pro model. The shoe can certainly take a beating especially with its raised foxing tape, and it sturdy beyond belief thanks to that Griffin outsole. If you’ve seen our joint review with Homage, then keep in mind that this is one of the heavier vulc shoes on the market. What’s the benefit of this? You’re feet wont be aching after a long sesh–these shoes will protect your feet at all costs.


The BB4, at a reasonable $75

On the cupsole side of things, the BB4, Brandon Biebel’s newest pro model may be the best choice for ya. He’s finally kissed goodbye paneled toe caps, which, while classic, are hard to make well/sell well. The new BB4 has a sleek silhouette and a shit ton of technology packed into it. Tons of ventilation, XLK outsole, and poron underneath the insole (A material used in high impact sports such as Hockey). It’s light, durable, and good looking. Be wary, if you slip these bad boys on, you may feel obligated to start working out daily and smoking absurd amounts of weed.

***Disclaimer – you will never be able to have Biebel’s muscle mass while still being able to skate. He is a phenomena***


The Stratford 479 in the stand out colorway, and the classic skater colorway.

New Balance: How could we forget about the company with the unhateable team. From New Balance we have one shoe in specific we have to recommend for this Spring, the Stratford 479. This shoe is one of the few cupsole models that almost has the boardfeel of a vulc shoe. It’s thin, light, and comfortable as all hell, while retaining a welcomed level of durability. Although this shoe has been out for a little while now, we wanted to mention it because of its nice new colorways coming out this season along with the fact it’s just a great shoe. If you are somehow still on the fence about whether this shoe/company is for you, just ask yourself, “What would PJ Ladd do.” Seriously. Or ask us what WE would do and check out our 5-hour review of the shoe.

That’s all for now folks. Put that horrid Winter behind you and skate you asses off. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of Lakai’s 2014 line. And here’s New Balance’s line in case you need to catch up.


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