In & Out: Skate Shoes That Left Too Soon – Pt 6



Nike SB Koston 1
Despite having both his first and second model available at the same time, the overall consensus was that his 2nd Nike SB shoe was rushed…and it certainly performed that way. With little time passing between both models (approximately 15 months), the Koston 2’s came right around the time when everyone was starting to develop a real love for the Koston 1’s. It wasn’t too long after they had completely vanished from the market and those who found solace in the 1’s now had to resort to skating the 2’s. We even gave it a shot. After a couple of sessions with the Koston 2, it began to lose its shape and also earned a reputation as one of the more heat conducting pro models in the skate shoe market. To say the least, the 2’s only escalated our love for the 1’s. The only real salvation here is getting our hands on the Mids in hopes of cutting them down. #HalfCabStyle

Other honorary short-lived model: The Nike SB Challenge Court came and went incredibly fast. If word of mouth is correct, what did the Challenge Court in was its awkward fit. Not even Gino’s flawless skating could save the shoe.



Adidas Ronan
Its impact was felt throughout and the Adidas Ronan earned its reputation as a puffy yet practical skate shoe. As a cupsole, the shoe offered a small but functional side bumper for Ollie protection and a narrow toe for easily flicking any flip trick. Not even within our network of friends could we figure out why the Ronan came and went. Especially in light of how popular it was for years. Our guess was that Adidas wanted room for another staple in their catalog regardless of the Ronan’s success but since then, we haven’t seen another cupsole as popular as the Ronan’s. If anything, their eyes seem to be set on bringing back more vulcanized models, such as their new ZX Vulc.

Other honorary short-lived model: Adidas Campus Vulc. Many of you may not know but the Campus Vulc is retired. Despite the fact that you see it on your shops wall today, it’s been replaced with the new Americana model from Adidas. It was bound to happen after all the changes it went through. Get them while you can and stack up.

Their damage after 1 Week of skating.

The Capitol’s damage after 1 Week of skating.

Fallen Capitol
As one of the best selling Fallen pro models of all-time, Jack Curtin’s Capitol brought together a unique flare without straying too far from Fallen’s aesthetic. Its undisclosed as to why Jack left Fallen but we did manage to see his 2nd pro model that was due to come out and it did not disappoint. It was a cupsole and had a real tech feel to it. It even featured some glossed mesh panels for extra breathability and resistance towards any abrasion from your griptape. Maybe we’ll be able to feature it in our Rarities section down the line…We’ll keep you posted.

Other honorary short-lived model: Fallen Yuma. Yes, it wasn’t the most conventional toe piece to skate in but you have to admit, there was something about the Yuma that was appealing. Or maybe it was the fact that they reminded you of Ipath Cats…

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  1. yolo boy

    April 28, 2014 5:24pm

    there will be a reissue for the Koston1 this fall!

  2. Jirka Kurka

    April 28, 2014 6:46pm

    I had no idea that all these are already out of the market!!!

  3. Dan

    April 28, 2014 8:05pm

    Jack Curtin has recently been seen in New Balance. It’s still part of black box,so maybe jamie thomas let him move to that roster?

    • Ripped Laces

      April 29, 2014 5:37pm

      NB# is not part of Black Box anymore. More details to come. We’ll keep you informed.

  4. Anderson

    April 28, 2014 10:28pm

    Koston 1: This was a really balanced shoe. It wasn’t obvious but a lot of thought went into the design process of this shoe, influencing a number of models that are out in the market along the way (I’m talking about you, 2014 DC Lynx). It was also extremely comfortable to wear, proving to everyone that Lunarlon makes for great insoles/midsoles for skate shoes (for me, it still is the most comfortable skate shoe out in the market today).

    My only gripes for this shoe were 1) the uppers got stained easily, 2) the cupsole didn’t feel solid enough, and 3) it was quite pricey. Gripes aside, it was actually a great shoe and perhaps one of the best that came out in the market in recent time.

    Ronan: Construction-wise, it reminded me much of the puffy/tech shoes in the past in that it looked and felt very solid; it even had sidewall stitching, something that increases shoe durability tenfold. The problem was that Adidas never bothered to make the insoles more comfortable and it came in very few colorways (no proper “all black upper, white sole” colorway). Sad to see this one go considering very few companies make very durable skate shoe models nowadays.

  5. Stephen

    April 29, 2014 12:58pm

    They’re not making Koston 1s anymore?

  6. satan

    April 30, 2014 10:07am

    uhh? what about the koston se??

  7. juan carlos

    May 1, 2014 12:15am

    Dam I wish they would bring back the campus vulc from 2010-2011 those insoles and the flick were just magical


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