Gilby, Doin’ It For Tha Vine: Vans Gilbert Mids

Long SF 50-50, for da Vine.

Long SF 50-50 in Gilbert Mids, for da Vine. #NeverUncuff

When he’s not doing the unthinkable on his board, Gilbert Crockett is known as one of skateboarding’s few participating members of Vine. The social networking app that’s lost touch with skateboarding is somewhat revamped due to his consistent postings along with their occasional Pornstar postings that you can’t find on Instagram. Between his, @Bustcrew (they might deserve a dedicated post too) and a few other notables, you can find them having a better time than you can ever imagine. Our favorite ongoing skit of his, if you can call it that, is during their absurd bets on even crazier tricks. #20bocks!

Be that as it may, we’re not just reporting Gilbert’s greatest Vine moments. We’re also celebrating the fact that his shoe has received the green light to get the Mid treatment. The photo above proves that his Gilbert Mid isn’t too far from public release. You should realistically give it a year or so till release dates are officially announced. Given the results of his low, you can obviously say that we’re looking forward to his pro model upgrade.

In honor of this momentous occasion, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Gilby moments. There’s honestly way more but we’re trying to exercise some diligence and keep it at 10. There were initially up to 16-20. Enjoy.

  1.  The mandatory beat loop.
  2. Do it for the Vine: The Skateboarding Edition.
  3. What should be considered an Olympic event should skateboarding make it in.
  4. “Made $20 BOCKS” – He’s Pro for a reason.
  5. Lost $20 BOCKS.
  6. Tryin’ to break even.
  7. Skateboarding’s largest purse yet.
  8. What’s crazy is how close it was.
  9. Harder than it looks.
  10. Consistency training.
  11. Bonus: For genuinely being funny.

Thanks to TG for leading us onto this. His photography is mega-Chill.


  1. Jordan Sigmund

    April 8, 2014 3:49pm

    You guys are kinda late. I saw my homie Kyle Walker wearing these when we were skating a park the whole tongue was maroon colored.


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